Lead Capture Strategy During A Downturn (CoVID 19)

A lot of industries, especially travel & hospitality have been badly impacted by Corona and have been forced to pause operations.

Guess what? People do still search and discover your site through various channels. They might not convert now but you will still have a chance to convert them in future if you have a lead capture in place.

Have a banner that leads to a form on all important landing pages including home page that receive the most visits and let users know that you will be opening up operations in the near future and if they want to be notified when they restart.

Throw in an enticing deal such as "Get a 25% discount exclusively on any package". Currently if you are not doing anything about this, your leads will go waste. With this strategy, you will already have a list of leads to pursue when you do restart operations.

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    That's a good point. I made sure to add a mailing list to my landing page from the moment it went live, but you gave me a great idea on how to improve it. I planned on offering a 10% discount to members of the mailing list when I launch, but I've made this explicit in the signup copy.

    Ideally this should help signup rate, but at worst, I'm being more transparent with potential customers, which is an ideal I'm striving for.

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    Free content! People are driven to place where they can get the initial content and value they are looking for for free - i would say bring them the most value you can for no cost, and they will stick around when the cost comes into play.

    That was one of our strategies at rejuviamedical.com - educate until people wanted our products.

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      Absolutely. People don't want to be pushed into buying and feel like they are in control of the decision. The modern user has a lot more touch points today before they make the final conversion.

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    Great idea. Have you captured more leads since implementing this?

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      @indiejames Yes, we have a client in the travel space who is currently not offering any tours. The conversion rate from the pages has been 1.5-2%.

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        Nice! One more question if you don't mind: What was the conversion rate for their email list before implementing (but after shutting down tours)?

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          This isn't an email list. It is a new feature that we have tried out. Email list was previously only for their blogs. I am not sure if they tracked that data.

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