Landing Page Feedback August 6, 2020

Leadaro - LinkedIn email finder 📧


Hey community,
I've just launched Leadaro and I would love to get some web design feedback

Thanks for your valuable help!

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    I’m familiar with this space. I’m curious as to how you got into it and a little bit of the backstory.

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    Hi Leadaro,

    The landing page looks fantastic. It's very clear what the software does right upfront. It provides a lot of information on what I can do with it. I did notice there is some issue with the margin between sections. You can see my screen shot here.

    I signed up to give the app a try and see how it felt to use it. I was a little bit confused when I landed on the dashboard. I was shown an empty list and not sure how to fill it. I saw a search bar but I only realized later that filters results I already found. The homepage said it was a linkedin search, so I clicked the "in" icon on the left that looked like LinkedIn, but wasn't sure, and a small bar appeared. I threw my own LinkedIn URL in it and I saw my profile in the list. It wasn't very clear how to get started. I think for first timers it would be useful to clearly show me the first action I should take.

    I tried pasting a LinkedIn search results URL into the box and nothing would happen after I pressed "Find Emails". Not sure If I'm using it right or not. I tried to see what uploading was about but couldn't figure it out. Maybe a paragraph describing what the upload will do could be helpful.

    It appears to be a very powerful tool. I think the UX of the app itself could use some direction and clarity for new users. A good rule of thumb is to keep it really simple, making the most common actions you expect users to take very prominent. Everything else is supporting those capabilities.

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