Leadership is Communication

I shared the following to my team last week — I thought it would be useful for our growing #bizops group here on Indie Hackers!

Here's the text (with some added edits):

Leadership is communication. And, in general, the better the person is at communication, the more effective they are as a leader.

This was a 💡 (lightbulb) moment for me and it’s why I work so hard on trying to be the best communicator that I can be, for our community inside and out.

One of the things that I do as a general litmus test when I look to work with people is how good their communication skill(s) are… in its variety of forms. This is especially important as written communication is becoming even more necessary — clearly, it should be something that all managers & leaders should be thinking about!

If you aren’t a consistent and intentional communicator you’re just not going to make it long working with me! This, of course, aligns deeply with our #tatt operating virtue.

Remember: Communicating well doesn’t mean communicating a lot* — it simply means that you’re doing everything that you can to ensure that the information that you have stored in your brain is quickly distributed out and into the minds of others.

It means that you aren’t getting in somebody’s way (or holding them back). It means that you're never a blocker for another team member and they have access to the information they need to operate and execute.

Most-important is the following principle: Communication is a service that you do unto others; it’s not something you demand. This is important; please don’t miss this.

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    The dimension of quickness at spreading info is novel to me, but it resonates. Thanks for the insight.

    My main focus in communication so far has been on clarity. Things like organizing my thoughts into a logical order, using concrete examples, and disambiguating vagueness as thoroughly as possible.

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      clarity is hard; something i'm working on constantly.

      i ask myself: can i be more clear... and using less words?

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