Learn to code for free and get paid for it

Hey, I would like some feedback on a website I created.

Its an e-learning website linked to a freelancing website. You can learn to code for free in the e-learning part of the website and complete tasks for companies in the freelancing part of the website. But you can only apply for a task if you have completed its required courses.

The aim of this idea is that people no longer have to pay expensive student loans to learn job related skills and that they can find jobs more easily as they can apply for any task as long as they have completed its required courses.

This is my site: https://enrole.herokuapp.com
This is the site for companies to post tasks: https://enrole.herokuapp.com/companyhome

It would also be helpful if you could suggest any ideas on how to solve my chicken egg problem. How do I get tasks on my site without users to complete them and how do I get users to complete courses without tasks on my site?

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    Very cool idea. As someone learning coding myself, I’m very interested.

    Are there any tasks, maybe for the website itself, that you are willing to pay the learning community for? You can put some of them up to get a portfolio of tasks going to show potential businesses.

    Also, are you charging companies when they put up tasks, or when a freelancer is selected? If it’s free to post tasks, then I could see companies/individuals posting tasks to see what responses they get, even before there are many users on the site. Just make it as easy as possible to post.

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      Thanks. We take 5% of a task's pay. We charge you when companies accept your task submission. We would love to post tasks ourselves but we are low in funds. Im just a teenager and this is just my first startup, so I don't really have a lot of money. Anyway, if you are interested could you check out my site and share any feedback on the quality of the courses, my app's UI or anything else here: https://discordapp.com/invite/wcQSPww

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    Looks cool! I might be curious enough to try enrolling on some course to see how demanding it is...

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      Hey thanks man. If you have any feedback on my app (positive or negative) after trying out the courses, pls don't hesitate to tell me by replying here. Im just starting out and I would like to improve my app as much as possible

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    I understood the landing page well. My question is how are you going to get freelancing gigs, and how are you factoring how quickly a student can complete the task?

    I would focus on getting students as the first phase.

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      Thanks for your feedback

      We are not sure how to get freelancing gigs yet. Which is why I asked for ideas on how to solve our chicken egg problem. Our best bet for now seems to be cold emailing companies and offering to do their first task personally for free.

      To complete a course on my site, a student has to submit a project, which is like a sample task, which can be anything as long as it is related to the course.
      This way students who complete the courses would have actual experience completing tasks and can complete the freelance tasks faster.

      We are working on getting students. Only problem is while a few people have signed up and enrolled in a course, nobody has completed a course yet. How can I motivate them to do so without having any tasks on my site.

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        Send them an email explaining the benefits of completing the course such as a how programming is a very valuable skill and that they can earn money immediately.

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        Maybe you could find gigs by providing this service for non-technical founders looking to build an MVP for a minimal price. You can find them on a lot of Facebook groups looking for CTO's or solution to build their MVP.

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          Thats actually a great idea. So far, I have spent my time trying to look for established startups that might need new employees. Im also gonna start targeting non-technical founders now.

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            The thing is, as a startup that already has some dev manpower, I personally would not like to outsource this part.

            Also, the output quality is probably one of the biggest factors of your service, this is why I would target low expectations customer willing to bet/invest in a solution that could solve their main issue.

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              I get what you mean. Large established startups are unlikely to use our app if they don't need it as much or until we are large and established ourselves. Which is why I'm also going to follow your advice and target non technical founders as they are more likely to respond.

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                Hope it could help and wishing you the best

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    LOL that's an awesome idea!!

    Hii btw hahaha I hope you are doing great! The "business" idea or concept model is awesome, REALLY!

    I think you could improve the design a lot but, the idea is super huge. Congratulations! 🎉

    1. remove that green topbar, make it white

    2. use a font more rounded font

    3. since the signup and login actions are on the topbar, dont put them on the welcome section. Make the topbar fixed on the top with display: fixed or display: sticky; top:0;

    4. remove the grey background from the "how it works" section

    5. make the title of sections bigger and bolder

    6. the text below the icons bolder and a bit bigger

    7. the explanation of those, bigger too

    As I said, it's a super good idea! 🎉🎉🎉

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      Hey thanks man. Ill work on those design changes you've suggested. If you don't mind, could you sign up and check out my site and see what I can improve (like the quality of the courses, the app's UI...). You can give your feedback here: https://discordapp.com/invite/wcQSPww

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        to whom or how should I leave the feedback? I already signed up

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          @devictoribero can just list down any issues and post them in our discord link, where we engage with our users. Or you can email me at [email protected]. Thanks.

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    Forgive me, but there is no chicken / egg problem:

    "How do I get tasks on my site without users to complete them"

    You just put them on your site.... You don't need users in order to put tasks on your site. Just put them on.

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      The chicken egg problem is that if I get tasks on my site without users, there won't be anyone to complete them.

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        Can you hire someone off upwork/fiverr/codementor to do those tasks? Maybe those people could end up being your users?

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          We are targeting freelancers too but the problem is there are no tasks on my site yet.

          If there are no tasks, freelancers won't join my site. And if there are no freelancers, companies won't post tasks on my site.

          This is what I meant by the chicken egg problem. Any ideas on how I can overcome this?

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            I would try to get freelancers first. You could target individuals through ads. Offer to take zero commission on the first 50 to join or something like that. Also, since it's an e-learning site first, I would focus on that piece. Once you can fulfill a demand, I would seek out businesses. Maybe you could approach individuals who've posted on other sites (not sure how, but if you could that would be golden..perhaps through targetted ads).

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              Thanks. I will try the zero commission idea. As for targeted ads, Im low on funds so that is not an option for me.

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                Try to ask other IH members to post there if they're looking to get projects done.

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        That's not chicken egg.... that's just how you do things.

        Put tasks on first... THEN get people to do them.

        Chicken and egg is when you can't do one without the other or each are mutually exclusive or something like that.

        The problem you're facing isn't a problem.... it's just how you build something.

        1. Put the content on your site
        2. Find people to use it / consume it

        Specifically in that order.

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