Learning to Code September 20, 2020

Learn to code in 4 months?

Michael @dc12

Hi everyone!

Recently thought of a newsletter idea and would love some feedback!

I am a full stack developer as my day job and thought about ways to teach those who want to learn how to code.

My idea: a newsletter that teaches you a new language/technology every 4 months. I.e. - every week for 4 months I will send a newsletter out about learning Python (for example). I will start with the basics and end with challenging stuff.

Google says 4-6 months to learn a programming language so that's why I chose 4 months FYI, that way I could teach a variety of languages and technologies to all.

I wanted to be different from the normal online course. I think newsletters are huge now and a great way to learn. In the newsletter I plan to also through in "extra credit" for those that want more than a newsletter. It will include more content in the form of video or text, practice problems/applications and even recommended books.

If this sounds something that would be interested in you can now sign up here: https://codebrew.substack.com/
P.s - First newsletter goes out this Thursday!

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    I like it. It will give subscribers constant reminders to be consistent when learning a programming language. The only suggestion I have is to send the newsletter more often than once a week, as it would be far easier to break down programming concepts.

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    This sounds pretty cool!

    Have you had many signups so far? I'm wondering if you could generate a following on, say, Dev.to?

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