Ideas and Validation March 29, 2020

Learn to fail.

Natasha Bishop @CrowdProducers

At the age of 9, I was quite a jumper. I would jump over a fence, stream, from a tree, I just loved jumping. Someone brought me to a sports team of professional jumpers and the trainer started to teach me how to….fall. For the whole week, he was teaching me to fall on my back and I didn't like to fall on my back, on that soft, thick, dirty mat. I didn't like it at all. I left the sports team and never improved on my jumping. I was good at it at an amateur level, but never improved. And at some point, I just lost the joy, the thrill and eventually the skill.

When I got into the startup industry I was ambitious and competitive. Failing my business was never an option. I would rather die. And I nearly killed myself by going on at the stage I had to stop and acknowledge my failure. I stopped anyway as the business was gone. Could I be able to stop earlier and analyze and pivot, I would have a chance to succeed. But I had no skills to fail or pivot. I had the skill to believe in myself and keep going. And those 2 skills killed my business. Now I know and recognize from afar the mixture:

SELF-BELIEF + INTRACTABLE = IGNORANCE, leading to failure in a bad, often unrecoverable for business way.

Do not fail silently.
Failing is a part of any startup. Every single startup. Learn how to fail quickly and you will succeed quicker. It is a paradox, but it is the process you have to learn and acquire the technique. Here you go:

How to fail quickly?
We do not actually call it failing, we call it pivoting. How to test your idea and adjust just enough to see the reaction of the market? The hardest part is the reaction of the market. How do you make the market and your potential users/buyers/subscribers to test your product again and again while you are pivoting again and again? With no budget?

You use viral marketing. You incentivize the feedback and build your community while you are building your product and testing it. You turn your community into a co-brandmaker, co-founder, co-producer. Base your product development on one and only one thing: market feedback.

This is what I want to build: a SaaS platform to let products to be built and launched with feedback from communities involved from the ideation stage. The platform with free viral marketing tools where product ambassadors are incentivized by the platform itself.

I know how to do it. And I know how to monetize it.

It is a long term project, I am practically building a new industry that will change the way people develop and launch products as well as invest in them.