Self Development February 24, 2020

Learnings from SaaSBooMi


I attended a SaaS conference last month. Here are some of the consolidated learnings:

  1. Free Trial vs Freemium: Freemium is a forever promise to keep, which could turn out to be very costly in support vs ROI. Offer a free-trial instead!
  2. Localization: Use this order - English, followed by Spanish based on demand, then Brazilian Portuguese.
  3. B2D: For Business-to-Developer companies, use the bottom-up approach. Make developers fall in love with your product, which in turn makes it significantly easier to market to CXOs and VPs.
  4. The founders' first job is evangelism.
  5. Investors are not your enemies.
  6. Biz dev is your job.
  7. Know your outcome or you will discover it.
  8. The ducks do not line up in a row themselves. Fine print matters.
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    Thanks man! 🙌Totally agree with those. Numbers 1, 3 and 6 resonate with me big time 🤓

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      Hey, @pavlomarko Curious to know your experience with Freemium vs Trial Period.

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        Hey @sachinjain024 my reasoning is purely psychological... You can always extend someone's free trial. If you extend it, you can make it personal and use it as an opportunity to establish an emotional connection with the customer. "Hey customer, this is only for you, we don't usually extend trials, but you are special."

        This also depends on the product and the nature of the business. If you can be seen as someone who is supporting a great cause by offering a free plan, like Github is supporting open source development, then do it, and tell everyone about it. But if it's just for: "maybe I will signup more customers" - in my view, it's maybe not worth it for B2B. You don't want the customer who is on the free plan of everything. You want the customers who are paying for shit today and looking to move fast.

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          Thanks @pavlomarko. Make sense