April 16, 2019

Lessons Learned from Building an App for Job Seekers

Andrew Stetsenko @AndrewStetsenko

What were your main discoveries when you were starting something in a completely new area?

Having spent 10+ years in the ‘recruiting game,’ I thought I knew everything about job seekers.

I was wrong.

While creating CV Compiler (https://cvcompiler.com), I discover a lot about paid services for job searchers, (not for companies), every day.

Here are some interesting observations I've made so far:

  1. Job searchers strongly rely on themselves while creating a resume (it's like assembling the IKEA furniture.)
  2. For most professionals, resume writing is really hard.
  3. When employers reject candidates, the latter often react in a wrong way.
  4. Job seekers often buy 'career services' on an impulse.
  5. A lot of scary tales about ATS-compatibility are produced by 'career services' vendors, who want to be still in the business.

I've put more information here: https://cvcompiler.com/blog/what-ive-learned-about-career-business-while-building-cv-compiler/

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    Interesting observations. I can relate to your point of "having bad day at work" :)

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      Thanks for your feedback!

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    I really like this emerging list. To add to it, as a professional resume/LinkedIn Profile writer, give me an experienced career person with 8-20 years in business! They know the value of using a professional and are ready to "make the investment" since they know the payoff is many-fold. Why do so many young people believe they will be good at something they touch every few years and with so much at stake? I will never know.

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      I'm early in my career and it would be hard to sell me a resume writing service. Unlike someone who is 8-20 years into their career, I have never hired for a position or evaluate more the 10 resumes. I lack both the ability to write great resume and to spot a great version of my own resume. This means I don't know if what you are selling me is snake oil or medicine, even after I have it! This makes it difficult to place a value on your services and therefore I'm hesitant to buy.

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      Resume is a personal thing, which impacts one's life a lot. I guess that's the main reason for trying to keep things under personal control, not lack of professional experience. The other reason is that job searchers underestimate the importance of resume and the difficulty of crafting it. As the career service vendors, we should build trust with our customers and explain the true value of our services to them.