Podcasters September 19, 2019

Let me be your guest!

Mubashar Iqbal @mubashariqbal

If anyone is looking for guests to have on their podcast, I'm available ✋

Can chat about making products, coding, side projects, podcasting, football (the real kind ⚽️) or something else if you like 😀

Hope to be chatting soon!

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    @Mubs! Let's do it! Would love to talk about how Podhunt is going. Will DM you on Twitter 👍

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      Got it! 🙌

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    Hi Mubs,
    I am staring a podcast that focuses on helping other entrepreneurs by chatting through some of the milestones of your personal journey, what made you think of this idea and the path that lead you to where you are now. I would love to have you as a guest. Shoot me an email at [email protected] and we can chat further ...hope to hear from you.


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    Hey @Mubs, sounds like you may be a good fit for Run With It! Check us out at https://www.runwithit.fm/ and email us at [email protected] to set something up

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    @Mubs lets do it, shoot me a note. [email protected]

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    Hey @Mubs! Would love to have you as a guest in my upcoming new podcast: https://indiemakerjourney.com/. Love all of those topics, btw! :) I'm still in the planning stages. I'll DM you so we can talk details.

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      Sounds good, look forward to it!

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    Hi 👋🏾,

    Would you be interested in chatting about how startup culture relates to Hr, IT and automation? 😀

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      Sounds like a fun topic, let's do it!

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        Yessss! Thank you!

        Awesome, my email is [email protected]

        I'd like to intro you with more info and get started! 😀

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    To Podcasters who want to have @Mubs as a guest, we'd love to edit his episode with your Podcast for FREE. We're big fans of him and his projects and would love to hear what he has to say!

    Register here: https://useCastup.com/register

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        Sounds awesome @useCastup! Will get in touch via your website (just recorded the episode this morning).