Let me make a video of your app - for free

Hi Indiehackers,

I'm working on a video editor MVP where you can create and share short video clips of your app. I want to test out my app by making a video of your app.

Use cases: feature demos, presentations, social media posts, “how to” videos.

If you're interested:

  • Share a link to your app and describe the feature you want a video of.
  • Or send me a screen recording (less than 20mb) to [email protected]
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    I wouldn't mind a little overall overview video of Norde. But if you already got enough requests, no worries :)

    1. 1

      @gilli Will do! Norde looks great I signed up :)

      1. 1

        @gilli added a couple of videos here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OCs8_Bwvp7ncQncc-p-GHHqzptVYBkWp?usp=sharing

        I didn't manage to reproduce all the features on the free version but let me know what you think :)

        1. 2

          That's very nice! Thank you so much. I like the zoom in to focus on a part and then zoom back out feature.

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    That would be super cool.

    We are actually thinking to have a video on Wicked Templates.

    In the landing page.

    For example. The download process and install process.
    Takes 2 minutes

    1. 2

      @Michael_Andreuzza sure thing will tag you here once it's done.

      1. 1

        Wow! That's super. Thanks a lot! Let me know if I can help with somethimg

        1. 1

          @Michael_Andreuzza The templates look nice (the background of the site looks a bit funky in safari though).

          Here is what I came up with:

          There is an edited version and an unedited one (in case you want to edit it yourself), let me know what you think.

          1. 2

            Wow, that was actually Wicked!

            We could actually use one of them.

            Thank you so much.

            I will go and have a look to Glitterly

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    I've been thinking of doing a short explainer video on Portabella.

    Would love to see what you come up with!

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      Hey @alex_b_h i'm trying to sign up with a new account but there is a 'failed to fetch' error message and in the browser console there is "Blocked by CORS" error

      1. 1

        Hmm, that is concerning. I just signed up and didn't receive any CORS issues...

        1. 1

          Still happening, maybe it's because of my location? I'm based in Malaysia. I can share a screenshot if that would be helpful.

    2. 2

      Sure thing, will get back to you within a few days @alex_b_h

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    I already tried your app, I saw it on twitter and it is awesome!! I don't have much followers but retweeted anyway.

    Also: hyvä Suomi! woot woot! =D

    1. 2

      That's awesome, kiitos @neea

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    Wow, this is awesome, thanks for the offer. Can you make one for Visiwig.com/icons ? It's a web app, ideally focus on desktop or tablet view... but works on mobile too.

    There's really only a few things you can do:

    • Scroll the icon collection
    • Search by keyword
    • change colors
    • pick a size
    • click or tap an icon to paste elsewhere (html, css)

    Can you you just try to play with a few features? I'll leave the creative direction to you!

    1. 2

      @Visiwig cool icons! here you go I added a few videos here:

      Let me know what you think :)

      (And if you want to make more videos like this you can upload your screen recordings to https://glitterly.app and edit them )

      1. 2

        I like the zoom in and out, that's smooth, and helps focus the users attention where you want. As a designer, I wouldn't choose a flashy background, as it grabs the eyes away from the actual product. Overall, I think you're onto something. I'll have to try it out myself when I'm ready to put some demos together.

        1. 1

          Thanks for the feedback! Haha I wanted to put a flashy background for a flashy product but yeah the zoom seems to be what people like

      2. 1

        Forgot to say thanks! Appreciate the work :)

    2. 2

      @Visiwig thanks, sure! i'll see what I can come up with.

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    Nice! Having a videos for "how to" for my website was on my todo list forever. Would love to have a video showing what happens when a user changes dimensions and clicks the "confirm and redraw" button here https://www.diecuttemplates.com/demo

    1. 2

      @Emreb Got it, will ping you here once it's done.

    2. 1

      @Emreb I have no idea what this tool is doing so this is far from great, but you can see a sample here:


      Since you know this tool much better you can probably make something much better by editing your screen recordings here: https://glitterly.app :)

      1. 2

        Thank you very much! I will definitely check your app. All the best!

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    We were looking get a video done for Draftss.com
    We are planning to create a FB video ad. It would be great if you could come up with something.
    Here are the main features we are looking to highlight:-
    Design Team on Subscription
    Graphic Design
    Logo & Branding
    Landing Page UI
    Wordpress, HTML, Webflow Support

    If this goes good maybe I can signup and try making a few other videos for a different project.

    1. 1

      @aminmemon sure, let me see what I can do.

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    Oh.. I am in the process of making a video for my product.

    This companion app controls your youtube player on your browser when you sign in to the extension and app with the same account.

    The product is aimed at people who take notes when watching youtube.


    1. 1

      @auBavan - I like the idea, I played around a bit with the plugin and some feedback: 1. The timestamps are great but it takes a long time for them to show up after writing the note and sometimes they don't appear at all
      2. It was difficult to find the bottom menu that only shows on hover
      3. The chrome icon is off-putting haha
      4. How do I find my old notes?

      Here are a few videos I made of Tuberslab:

      1. 2

        Thank you so much Memoize. Those videos gave me some ideas about the user experience. And will use your editor (is that Glitterly?) in future.

        1. So, to complete a note, the code was expecting a full-stop. That's why it was taking a long.
        2. I did that bottom menu thing to appear only when you hover on purpose. I liked the clean white pad look, I might have to re consider that.
        3. The icon? I drew that, that 's why :D. I might have to hire someone.
        4. Click on the chrome icon and tap on view notes.
          Do you have any ideas, how I could fix 1,2 & 4? I'll try to explain these things in the landing page.
        1. 1

          Yes Glitterly thanks!

          1. Ah I see, I was expecting the timestamp to appear when I pressed "return" / "enter" since I usually don't remember to add a fullstop.

          2. I think theres nothing wrong with having a menu either fixed at either the top or the bottom (and it's a common ui pattern).

          4 I think this is fine as it is :)

          1. 2

            Hmm.. Value of real user feedback. Thank you.
            I'll incoporate your suggestions.

            1. 1

              @auBavan cool! Check out hotjar / inspectlet for user recordings and you might discover more

    2. 1

      Thanks @auBavan I'll see what I can do with tuberslab and ping you here once it's ready.

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