Let me try to boost conversion rates on your key landing pages

I have been developing a web tool designed to help businesses boost social proof and increase conversion rates by making it easier to collect and display customer testimonials on their website.

I have been doing some initial testing by adding our testimonial feed widget to a couple of my opt-in landing pages, and the results have been through the roof (see screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/bAkMhgu).

Frankly, I'm a little skeptical of my own results (we made some other changes during the testing period that may contributing to the boost in results also).

Basically, I want to see if I can replicate these kind of results on other sites and I am looking for a few volunteers who are interested in seeing if we can appreciably boost their conversion rate by installing our testimonial widget and A/B testing the result.

Ideally I am looking for:

*Has a landing page or sales page that receives 100+ conversions per week (i.e. not your homepage - should be a page that you are tracking optin rates or similar)
*Has a 5-10 customer existing testimonials that we can feed in (if you need to get more testimonials we can help with that too)
*Ideally already has some sort of analytics in place that we can use to A/B test
*Ideally SaaS or online course businesses
*Willing to allow me to publish the results at end of the process

If you are interested, please reply below or contact me at [email protected] with a brief description or your business and a link to the landing page or optin page that you would be interested in testing.



  1. 1

    Hi Mo - interesting experiment. Have you got any sample links about what the widget looks like in relation to the signup pages ? Thanks, Mike

    1. 1

      Hey Mike -

      There are two versions of the testimonial widget we are currently trying out.

      The first displays customer testimonials in a rotating Proof/FOMO style widget: https://uservox.thinkific.com/courses/conversion-course

      The second displays customer testimonials in a Facebook style widget (at the bottom of the page):


      1. 1

        Looks good - what one saw the uplift you described in terms of conversion ?

        1. 1

          The second one is where we saw the lift I described in the original post. We're setting up additional tests for the other widget, but no hard data on that one yet.

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