Growth December 8, 2020

Let me write your marketing copy! (2nd Edition)

Danny Postma @DannyPostma

(EDIT: Back again tomorrow! 22:30 here right now 😴)

Hi IndieHackers! 🥳

To celebrate the launch of Headlime 2.0 on Product Hunt, I'm back again with another "Let me write your marketing copy" post!

Five months ago I wrote hundreds of headlines for the Indie Hacker community.

This time, I will use my AI (powered by GPT-3) to write them for you.

So, let's do this!

  1. Comment your landing page URL +
  2. Pick a type of marketing copy you want me to write for you:
  3. I will reply with the copy!

You can pick a category from the list below 👇
Let's gooooo!

  1. 2

    Thank you 🙏

    1. 3

      Stop searching for remote jobs. We'll send them to you.

      Stop searching for remote jobs. Start getting them!

      Sign up for the jobs you want, not the ones you get.

      You found your next job.

      Get a Remote Job You Love Delivered Straight to Your Inbox.

      Work from anywhere with the best remote jobs delivered straight to your inbox.

      Get the best remote jobs in one weekly email.

      The Remote Job Search Made Easy.

      Remote Jobs Delivered Straight To Your Inbox.

      Get remote jobs straight to your inbox.

      We do the job hunting for you.

      Remote jobs in your inbox.

      Find your next remote job in just a few clicks.

      Get a Remote Job in 2 Weeks or Less.

      Never Search For Remote Jobs Again.

      Find your next remote job with Remote Leaf.

      You've got the skills. We've got the jobs.

      Find a remote job in one click.

      Stop Wasting Time On Job Boards.

    2. 2

      I'm not OP, here are my ideas: Don't miss an awesome remote position just because you had a busy day. Sub-heading: Get a curated list of remote opportunities, from X places right into your mailbox

    1. 2

      A human attempt: Track expenses, save money.

    2. 2

      Your money. Your goals. Your way.

      Personal finance at your fingertips.

      Simple, secure money management.

      Get to know your money.

      Track your spending, save money.

      Simple personal finance.

      Keep track of your expenses and reach your financial goals.

      Money management made easy.

      See where your money is going.

    1. 2

      A human attempt: Make a website from google sheets, with zero code

    2. 2

      Google Sheets-based website builder

      Google Sheets as a CMS

      A web design platform that works with Google Sheets.

      Design, build and publish your website from Google Sheets.

      The easiest way to create a website from your Google Sheets data.

      Your website in minutes.

      Make a website without writing code.

      Easily create websites from your Google Sheets data.

      Create a website with Google Sheets data.

      Publish your website with Google Sheets.

  2. 2
    2. Value proposition & Feature to benefit


    1. 1

      Time tracking and billing for freelancers, consultants, and agencies.

      Easy time tracking and billing for small businesses.

      Track time and bill clients in one place.

      Timesheet and billing software for small businesses.

      Stop wasting time on hours tracking.

      Automate your time tracking and billing.

      Time tracking for business owners.

      Get an overview of all your hours tracked for the entire week across all projects and tasks.

      Timesheet and billing made easy.

  3. 2

    That's perfect I'm drafting my Landing Page.
    Here take a look.

    1. 1

      Which category would you like me to use? :)

  4. 2

    Value proposition

    Let's see what the AI got!

    1. 1

      Create targeted in-app experiences with messages

    2. 1

      Your landing page is absolutely stunning!!


      Create customer experiences that drive business results.

      Targeted in-app experiences to acquire users, reduce churn, retain customers and grow revenue.

      Delight your customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

      Grow revenue with meaningful messages.

      Delight your customers with targeted in-app experiences.

      In-app marketing platform that drives growth.

      In-app messages that deliver results.

      Personalized messaging that helps you acquire, retain and grow your customer base.

      Build meaningful relationships with your customers.

    3. 1

      This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

  5. 2


    Blog Ideas

    Thanks for doing this Danny!

    1. 2

      How one word domains present a unique branding?
      79% users say that one word domains are easy to recall

      1. 1

        Love it, thanks for the suggestion Subro!

    2. 2

      Domain Name Generators: Domain Tools, GoDaddy & Wordoid.

      Startup Or Side Project? How To Decide.

      10 Tools For Finding A Domain Name

      A Startup's Guide to a Great Domain Name.

      The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Domain Name.

      Why You Should Invest In a Domain Name That's Easy to Remember.

      How to build a tool that finds available domain names.

      Naming Your Startup: Choosing the Perfect Domain Name.

      How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Startup.

      What's in a Domain Name? A Look at the Stats Behind 1000 of the Most Popular Domains.

      Finding The Perfect Domain Name For Your Startup.

      The 21 Best Side Projects To Work On This Summer.

      1. 1

        These are really amazing, thank you so much for sharing Danny! 🤩

    1. 2

      Pass on your family traditions to generations as a story

    2. 1

      Capture those family moments forever.

      Don't let your family history be forgotten.

      A family photo album that never runs out of space!

      FamilyJam is a new social network that helps you create family memories.

      Share your family's history with the world.

      Preserve your family memories

      Capture the moments that matter to you and your family.

  6. 2
    Value Proposition

    (We're in the middle of a small pivot with the message, so really looking forward to what you come up with! :))

    1. 2

      A trusted community of experts who can help you solve your technology problems.

      A group workshop & mastermind where seasoned CTOs answer tech questions and help fix your projects.

      Save time, save money, and make better products by working with a team of experienced developers.

      A place for non-technical founders to get help with their tech projects.

      Get unstuck with Tech Eye.

      A structured, friendly and focused tech workshop for non-technical founders.

      Access to a pool of vetted CTOs for hire

      A new approach to solving technical problems.

      We help you understand your tech problems.

      Help your business stay competitive with technical expertise

      1. 2

        Absolutely amazing! <3

    2. 1

      Make tech decisions confidently while experts watch your back

  7. 2

    Your help comes right on time, i was struggling on my copy yesterday evening. My headline is pretty obvious:
    400+ places to promote your startup

    But having a catchy subhead line is way harder!

    Here are the info:

    Website subhead line

    1. 1

      Saves you hours while finding new users for your business

    2. 1

      The first list of its kind. Spread the Word helps you find the best places to promote your startup, app or product for every step of your user acquisition process.

      The most comprehensive list of websites, blogs and forums for startups. Reach out to the right people in your niche with ease.

      Your startup deserves to be seen. This list of 400+ places will help you get your first users and start growing.

      This list will help you get your first users and start growing.

      Startup marketing made easy. We created this list of 400+ places to post your startup so you can find the right place to get your first users and start growing.

      No matter what you're building, there's a place to post it.

      The most comprehensive list of places to post your startup.

    1. 1

      The game guide for the modern gamer.

      The best way to discover new games.

      Game discovery and recommendation platform.

      Discover, track and share your favorite games.

      The place to discover and keep track of the games you want to play.

      Play more games.

      Your guide to the world of games.

      Games to play. Games to keep track of. Games for friends.

    1. 1

      Easily create content to share with your audience.

      Create Content That Gets Your Customers Talking.

      The Easiest Way To Create Daily Content For Your Personal Brand.

      Create and publish engaging content effortlessly.

      Easily create and share personal content for your social media accounts.

      Simple and easy to use content creation tool.

      Video & photo creation made easy.

      The most advanced content creation tool for personal brands.

      Create beautiful content in minutes.

      A simple way to make high-quality content

  8. 2

    Value proposition

    Looking forward, great initiative!!

    1. 1

      Hire people like a pro, beyond the basics

    2. 1

      I'm really sorry, but can't generate for you as I have no clue what my AI is responding to me in Spanish haha

      1. 1

        google translate works good on my site haha

        thanks anyways

        1. 1

          if you can translate and send english version, I'd translate it ;)

  9. 2
    2. Feature to Benefit

    Thanks for doing this.

    1. 3

      Shorten your links and make them easy to share.

      Make your links stand out.

      Personalized, branded links that track your clicks and conversions.

      Grow your business by getting more clicks on your links.

      Shorten your links to build trust and authority.

      Grow your business with custom branded short links.

      Create a powerful branded short link to your content.

      Increase your click-through rate with a short branded link.

      Create branded short links for your business.

      Make your links short and powerful.

      Generate branded short links for your company, product or service.

      1. 2

        Just wow! Never thought like this. Will use them. Thanks!

    1. 2

      Get your Twitter account from 0 to 500 followers in a month.

      Grow your Twitter following by 500% in less than 30 days.

      Your guide to grow your Twitter followers.

      Gain Twitter followers fast and easy.

      Grow your Twitter followers by 500 in one month.

      Twitter growth hacks for beginners.

  10. 2

    Thank you! Super cool from you.

    2. Value Proposition
    1. 2

      Cross-promote your newsletter for 3x subscribers

      1. 1

        Thank you! I like the fact that "newsletter growth" is in there.

    2. 2

      A simple way to find, register and promote partner newsletters.

      "Pipewing is a one-stop shop for finding, targeting and promoting your newsletter to relevant audiences."

      Get more subscribers by promoting your newsletter to other newsletters in the same market.

      Promote your newsletter with our network of other newsletters.

      Discover and connect with new audiences through newsletters.

      Cross-promote your newsletter to thousands of relevant newsletters.

      Get featured in more newsletters and get a higher readership.

      Grow your email list.

      Discover the best content for your audience.

      Find your target audience and get more subscribers.

    1. 2

      Get access to all your customer feedback in one place.

      Get more feedback from your customers.

      Make your customers happy.

      Collect feedback from your customers and understand what they want.

      Get feedback from your customers, make better products.

      Improve your products with the voice of your customers.

      Get customer feedback and increase your product's success.

      Get the right feedback at the right time.

      Make data-driven decisions.

      Collect feedback from your customers.

      Collect feedback and prioritize what to build next.

    2. 1

      No more angry customers, get all feedbacks at one place

  11. 2

    1 -
    2 - Value Proposition (Ho man ... the choice was hard!!)

    Thanks 🥰

    1. 4

      Tailwind CSS 2.0 components for faster, more beautiful web apps

      Faster and easier front-end development.

      Create unlimited designs & build your product at speed with our built-in customization system.

      Tailwind CSS 2.0 components for faster development

      Speed up your design process.

      A responsive CSS framework that helps you build faster.

      Get your product to market faster.

      The easiest way to build beautiful, fast websites.

      1. 2

        Well... that was fast! Thank you, Danny!

    1. 3

      The football stadium database you've been waiting for.

      Football fan? Get your next trip planned in seconds.

      The football stadium map that tells you where to go next.

      The Ultimate Football Trip Tracker

      The first and only football stadium map.

      The ultimate football trip planner.

      Football travel made easy.

      Find the best stadium in every city and keep track of your football travels.

      GroundHop is the travel guide for football fans.

  12. 2

    Let's try the power of the new Headlime 2 with GPT-3 under the hood and Danny at the wheel :) Landing page: category Website Headline. Love the excitement and value you bring to the Indie Hackers community. Thanks!

    1. 3

      Find the perfect HTML template for your next project.

      The fastest way to build a website.

      Get your next project done with Inovatik.

      Handcrafted HTML Templates For Your Website

      Find The Perfect Template For Your Next Project.

      Create Professional HTML Templates With Ease.

      Start Your Project With A Free HTML Template

      Inovatik: your resource for modern web design.

      Buy Premium HTML Templates For Your Next Project.

      HTML Templates & Web Themes for Designers, Developers and Tech-Savvy Users.

      Designers, Developers & Tech-Savvy Users: Get Your Premium HTML Templates Here.

      The #1 Resource for Designers, Developers and Tech-Savvy Users.

      The ultimate online resource for HTML templates.

      HTML Templates for Your Design Needs.

      Designers & Developers, This is Your Source for Templates.

      1. 2

        Love them all thank you. This one especially could be the mission statement for Inovatik and a life-time goal: The #1 Resource for Designers, Developers and Tech-Savvy Users. :)))

  13. 2
    2. Website Headline

    Is that right? 😁

    1. 5

      See. Copy. Tweak. Get the CSS of any website in a snap

      Get the CSS of any website.

      See the CSS. Copy it, refine it, or export it.

      Finally, the power of CSS at your fingertips.

      Copy the CSS of any website in a single click.

      Become a CSS Master with 1 Click.

      The One App to Get the Looks of Your Favorite Websites.

      CSS Scan Pro - The Designers Best Friend.

      Get the looks of your favorite websites in seconds.

      The ultimate CSS development tool.

      Design, Copy & Code Without Coding.

      Discover the secret of any website's design.

      Quickly & Easily Get The Looks Of Your Favorite Websites.

      1. 1

        Love them all! Thanks a lot, Danny. You definitely got a powerful product! 👏👏

  14. 2

    Hi 👋 Danny, Thanks for doing this.

    Its like LambdaSchool/Microverse.

    Need Value Proposition?

    1. 3

      Big fan of your value proposition in your title already! Some other variants to it:


      Life-changing education for life-changing careers.

      A full-stack software development education that’s accessible to everyone.

      An affordable, fast and fun way to learn how to code.

      A revolutionary new way to learn software development online.

      The most affordable way to learn how to code online.

      A free, online coding school that teaches full-stack web development.

      Get a real degree from a top university without the debt.

      The best way to learn how to code online.

      Learn to code and get a job.

      Pay-as-you-learn software development

      Learn to code online and connect to life-changing opportunities.

      Get a world-class education for less than the cost of one month's rent.

      Get a MicroDegree in software development.

      1. 1

        Thanks Danny. This is so amazing. Love this one "A full-stack software development education that’s accessible to everyone."

  15. 1

    Value proposition / A precise headline for the product.

    A little description: its an app which enables users to save word definitions and display to them at every occurrence on that word on any web pages and they do not need to search for the meaning / definition again.

  16. 1

    I hope I'm not too late.
    Value Proposition

  17. 1


    This is so neat! I gotta start experimenting with GPT-3..

    I'm curious how you narrowed down to these categories? I'm assuming you trained it on those from other websites?

    Thank you for doing this!

  18. 1
    Website headline (+sub headline)

  19. 1
    Google Ad title

    Thanks Danny!!!

  20. 1


    Don't know if my blog is eligible for this, but here goes.
    Marketing Copy: Blog Ideas
    Thank you so very much.

  21. 1

    Is it GTP-3 version algorithm?

  22. 1
    Google Ad Title
    Google Ad Description

    Thanks Danny!

  23. 1

    Good to see you on here Danny! I so need your help. Im building docdrop which is a searchable Airtable database for founders or makers to learn product management best practices with resources, articles, templates, essays. A knowledge hub library for all you can eat Product management.

  24. 1

    Value Prop
    Blog ideas
    Thank you 🙏

    1. 1

      Emotional check-ins for individuals

      Emotional check-ins for the workplace

      Connecting the workplace to emotional wellbeing

      Emotional check-ins for employees

      The new way to help people manage their emotions

      Wellness Platform for Emotional Check-ins

    1. 1

      Take control of your team’s training.

      A platform for the future of team management.

      A gamified collaboration platform for competitive teams.

      Create, Manage and Execute Your Team's Training on Autopilot.

      Gamify your team.

      Be a better leader.

  25. 1

    Thanks Danny! Headline. I'm sure I can improve it a lot!!

    1. 2

      A proven process to validate your startup idea in 2 weeks.

      Get started on your idea with Startup Builder.

      The Startup Idea Builder That Puts You on the Fast Track to Success.

      The program that builds startups.

      Are you ready to validate your startup idea?

      Start Your Startup With Confidence.

      Create a Minimum Viable Product in 2 Weeks.

      Innovation that's possible before you burn millions.

      Ready to test your next bright idea?

      Invest in your startup idea with us.

      The Shortest Distance Between Idea and Validation

      Get traction for your MVP faster without wasting time, money, or resources.

      Get A Real Time-To-Market Feedback On Your Startup Proposal.

      1. 1

        🔥🔥🔥 Thanks Danny! This is great! Love the "The Shortest Distance Between idea and Validation". Plus you gave me an idea: "The shortest Distance between idea and First sale"

        Thanks! I appreciate it!

  26. 1
    Value Proposition and Tagline please!!!
    Love this btw! Thanks for sharing!!

  27. 1
    2. Value Proposition & Feature to benefit

    Thank you!

  28. 1

    If you find the time, then:

  29. 1

    Congrats on the launch!
    Value Proposition

    Thank you :)

  30. 1

    Hashtag Slayer
    Website headline.

    Appreciate this very much! Congrats on the launch, upvoted.

  31. 1

    Thank you 🙏

  32. 1
    Value proposition

  33. 1
    website subheadline
    Thanks for doing this :)

  34. 1
    Value Proposition & Feature to Benefit please.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. 1

      I'm not OP, just a content lover- here's my take:
      How to stay motivated during remote work?
      How to build in-home offices during remote work?
      10 ideas to keep yourself super-efficient while working remotely.

      1. 1

        Awesome, @Subro!! Those I will steal!

    1. 1

      I'm not OP, here's my $0.02- if you're targeting google ads, customize your headline based on keywords. That way you can make the most of your ad budget. Here are some ideas- Workout tracker that plans ahead for you, Best workout app for beginners..

      1. 1

        Oh thank you for the tips! I am trying Google Ads for about 2 weeks. I plan to try Facebook and Instragram ads for 2 weeks after that. I plan to try different platforms for 2 weeks to see how effective they are for the same prices. I will try these keywords in my ads. Do you have any suggestions on the platforms I could use to expand my reach?

        1. 1

          Your product is more suited for social media as it can be easily visualized. Other platforms can be Twitter (organic) and reddit for now. In fact finetuning the messages with Twitter and reddit will help you customize the messaging and better ROI when you go for paid. Also, if you have a demo or you can create a real life video (no need to make it professional) where you can show someone to use this app as part of their routine exercise and promote it in youtube, it's a great way to earn visibility. If you can get a micro-influencer to do it that's even better. With apps in a competitive space, I'll always use a less common platform than the most saturated ones like Facebook and Instagram.

          1. 1

            Oh man okay, that's a lot to take in haha! I can try a demo video showing how to use the major features of the app. Il link that video in the posts on Twitter and reddit.

            To utilize Twitter and reddit, I need to write posts and ask them to be shared, correct?

            1. 1

              There is more to that. Drop me an email.

  35. 1
    value proposition
    thanks Danny!

    1. 1

      I'm not OP, here's my $0.02 - Expand your tech team with ready-to-join, trusted consultants

      1. 1

        Thanks Subro, that's exactly what we're doing right now, we already had almost 100 consultant applications, we selected the best and most trusted ones so we're on track with that: one side of the platform is working fairly well, struggling against the other one :)

        1. 1

          Glad you found it useful

    1. 1

      Scrape the web like a pro, zero coding

    2. 1

      Easily extract data from any website.

      Web data extraction made easy.

      The easiest way to extract data from any website.

      The ultimate data extraction tool for developers.

      Fast, easy and accurate data extraction from any website.

      Preview and convert any website into a spreadsheet or API in seconds.

      A developer's spreadsheet.

      Turn any website into a spreadsheet in seconds.

      Turn any website into a spreadsheet or API.

  36. 1

    I had the bad luck of releasing my product the same day you did! XD

    Gimme either Value Proposition or Facebook Primary!

    Thanks a ton!

    1. 2

      Just trying my skills against the AI superpower. Value prop idea:

      Sharing goals makes your team more motivated. We make sharing goals easy.

      1. 1

        This could become a very fun product: CAN YOU MATCH THE AI?

        We match a human- with an AI-generated copy and see which one is liked the best.

        I think that the value proposition is not the sharing itself, but the connections you'll make when helping others achieve their goals (and vice-versa). The sharing is a necessary step that, even with Pluckd, is still harder than it should. I mean, sharing a personal goal takes guts! I'm still looking for ways to ease people into doing it.

        1. 2

          I think this is a fantastic idea. Let's give the AI tool a spin and match it with manual copy to see which copy gets more upvotes. We can then do it for other things as well. Email me if interested.

    2. 2

      Sorry :( Good luck with the launch!
      Value props:

      Teams. Development is a team sport.

      Empower your team to share knowledge and achieve goals together.

      A platform for creating and sharing professional development goals.

      Help teams share knowledge.

      Help teams work together to achieve their goals.

      Create a culture of learning and growth

      Fb Ads:

      Pluckd is a team development platform that brings all teams together with shared goals. It's the place to share your knowledge, learn from others, and connect with colleagues who are going through similar challenges.

      Make your teams better. Learn from the best, share with others and become a leader in your field. Join Pluckd today!

      Finally, a professional development platform that brings all teams together. Create and share content with your colleagues and learn from them. Pluckd is the first professional development platform designed for teams.

      With Pluckd, teams can now use our mobile app to share their professional development plans and track progress together. Get your team connected with shared goals.

      Pluckd is a community for professionals to connect, share and learn. From Fortune 500 companies to startups, Pluckd helps teams get smarter together.

      Teamwork is the cornerstone of every successful business. That's why we created Pluckd - a professional development platform that brings all teams together with shared goals.

      Your colleagues, peers and managers are on Pluckd. They're tracking their goals, getting the support they need to reach them and sharing what they've learned with others.

      1. 1

        "Development is a team sport." is a pretty good tagline! Super-punchy!

        The Facebook ones are spot-on too. Thanks!

  37. 1

    Thank you for offering!
    Value Proposition

    1. 1

      A community and impact-based approach to diversity, equality, inclusion.

      The most inclusive event series on the planet.

      DEI solutions that drive diversity, equality and inclusion

      We are committed to being a truly inclusive company.

      Diversity and Inclusion Accelerator

      Diversity as a competitive advantage.

      Diversity and Inclusion with a purpose.

      A unique Community and Impact-based approach to Diversity, Equality, Inclusion.

      The most effective way to build an inclusive culture.

      A unique approach to Diversity, Equality, Inclusion.

      An innovative approach to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion.

    1. 2

      Taking my chances against AI, here's my human take-

      Code sharing, compatibility and security got easier with unified APIs.

    2. 2

      Reduce development time by integrating multiple API's into a single GraphQL endpoint.

      Write a single GraphQL query to get all your data.

      Reduce the amount of time spent on integrations.

      You can finally have a single API to query all your services.

      Your services will speak the same language.

      You have to deal with multiple API's, but don't want to build integrations for each of them.

      Build your integrations once, then get the data you need from a single GraphQL API.

      Integrate your services into a single GraphQL API.

      Get a unified API for all your services.

      Get all your data in one place.

      Your API's can be easier to work with.

    1. 1

      A payment platform for the business-to-business market.

      Payouts for all

      B2B Checkout Platform Built for Merchants & Marketplaces.

      A better way to pay.

      Simplify B2B checkout for businesses and marketplaces.

      A unified, multi-channel payment platform for merchants and marketplaces.

      Simplify the checkout process and increase conversions.

  38. 1

    Awesome! and I would love to hear Value Proposition. Thanks!

    1. 1

      Build extensions with proven templates and tips from Google.

      Get your extension out the door faster with proven starter templates.

      The best way to get started with Chrome extensions.

      Create Chrome extensions without breaking a sweat.

      The quickest way to build a Chrome extension.

      Templates and actionable advice to jump-start your Chrome extension projects.

      Create a Chrome extension in hours, not weeks.

      1. 1

        Amazing, thank you!

  39. 1

    Congrats and the launch!

    Value prop

    1. 2

      Here's a human take-

      Reach thousands of twitter users eager to view your content.

      Rise beyond twitter algo to take your message to thousands of users.

      1. 1

        Thank you for taking the time to write up those two headlines up. I especially like the "eager" part. Good to see people get the value prop!

    2. 2

      A simple way to get discovered on Twitter.

      Hyperjump is a Twitter-based, user-to-user advertising platform that allows users to find and connect with thousands of potential customers each month.

      Reach the right people, without spamming.

      A smart, effective way to reach new customers on Twitter.

      Get thousands of targeted Twitter users to see your content.

      Automated, affordable Twitter mentions

      Build your Twitter following.

      Get more Twitter followers

      Find your next customers on Twitter.

      Social media growth through Twitter.

      1. 1

        Just updated the website using these!

      2. 1

        Thanks! Some great options. How did you do this? Did you manually enter some keywords and the AI did the rest?

  40. 1
    Website headline
    Website subheadline

  41. 1

    Hello Dany,

    Sounds great, I'm curious to know what GPT-3 has to say about my upcoming book :)

    Google Ad Description

  42. 1

    Wow thanks! I'm just rethinking all my landing page copy to launch it as soon as possible.
    Value proposition.

    Thanks Danny!

    1. 2

      I'm not OP, here's my human take against AI:

      Plan your content better with audience from multiple channels at one place

      1. 1

        but it seems the copy of my site is not clear, because my solution is not for plan content, is just for tracking followers/subscribers from your accounts.

        1. 2

          Hey, the reason I mentioned about content is because when you are talking about value prop you have to offer an immediate benefit. Having everything in one place is "good to have" proposition but if you think about it, why would someone need this?

          One of the important reasons someone might need this is to plan content. Even though your service is not about content, it can still help them with that goal. In my experience, successful analytics/dashboard tools always have their value prop around the end goals.

          1. 1

            ohhh. ok, I got it. I was reading it as a headline and not as a value prop. now it totally makes sense.
            Currently, I'm writing the benefits/"why should use it" section and one was "Easily Identify actions that helped to grow your audience." I believe is pointing in the same direction and I probably will merge it with your suggestion. (sorry I'm thinking out loud)
            Thanks again for taking your time!

            1. 1

              No worries. Happy to help :)

  43. 1

    Hey Danny, and Feature to Benefit.

    Let's see!

  44. 1

    Congrats Danny! Supported you on Product Hunt. Going to join the fun here.

    2. Facebook Link Description
  45. 1

    This comment was deleted a month ago.

  46. 1

    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

  47. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

  48. 1

    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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