Looking to Partner Up January 18, 2020

Let's find our future technical 👨‍💻 and non-technical 🧙‍♂️ co-founder!

Farid Movsumov 🇦🇿 @faridmovsumov

Hey indie hackers 🙌

Let's find our technical and non-technical future co-founders under this post.
I am personally developer who is looking for someone who is good at sales and marketing.

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    I'm a non tech founder from India, Mumbai. Good at starting, sales, marketing, networking, fundraising & ops. Exploring to partner up.

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    @faridmovsumov I have visited your website and tried to check your AI bot. But, it is replying with irrelevant funny messages. Moreover, I didn't get any reply even after a day. I don't know how it is working for business websites.

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      @SankarSrinivasan my bot is designed in this way but someone who want to make it more serious can do it easily. It is possible to collect emails and reply later to users.

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    I am founder and developer of botmake.io 🤖 and I really need someone who will help me with sales and marketing. Please 🙏 let me know if you are interested

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      Hey. I am wondering, how long have you spent creating this app and website (in hours and weeks). I am newbie to this and want to learn as much as possible.

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        I spent 6 months but I haven't worked full time. It is possible to build in 3 months if you are fully dedicated.

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          Well have you spent around 20 hours per week then? Tbh It really is demotivating to I see these long developing periods.i have learnt programming yet, but it doesn't help to know that it takes so long to make.
          I think I will learn programming for unsterdanding technology and then hire developers to make them, do you think that would be good? Then I can focus on sales, marketing and business operation?

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            If you think you wouldn't enjoy development then don't do it, because if it is not your hobby then it is really a pain. I can say I am an experienced developer and I made a lot of projects in the past so I can reuse my experience from previous projects and that makes it faster. But for someone who is just starting it can be around 8 months.

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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