Daily Stand-up August 13, 2019

Let's get it! Tuesday's Daily Stand Up!

Janice @Janice

(Love the feedback and encouragement for fellow hackers! Let's keep that party going!)


That extra nudge of accountability to achieve even a small step on your IH journey each day.

To join in:

01 COMMENT on AT LEAST ONE fellow hacker's progress and give them an IH Point for their check in. Let's get in there with the encouragement/feedback! (Changing the order, because I know we can do better!)

02 Share your epic (a big chunk of work with a meaty objective) you'd like to complete by the end of August.

03 Share what you accomplished yesterday.

04 Share what you commit to accomplishing today.


05 Share your Work In Progress to underscore your accomplishments.

Then tune in the tomorrow to share how you did on your own tasks!


  1. 3

    By end of August, I'll have launched early access to my Sales For Founders course, and generate $20k in presales.

    I'll also have finally decided whether I want to say 'enrollment' or 'enrolment'.


    Launch 'early access' version of course. Generate >$20k in prelaunch revenue.


    Week 1: Redo landing page, record testimonial videos/welcome video, write funnel emails

    Week 2: Set up either free webinars or free video course

    Week 3: Redo course content

    Week 4: Redo course content and launch



    • Put a 'thanks' page redirect live for the course
    • Plan out emails for onboarding and earlybird enrollment
    • Write an extra update email and maybe send it


    • @Janice on the name change. This will take a while to get used to!
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    By end of August, I'll have proven whether my online course was a one hit wonder or is a source of recurring revenue.

    Launch evergreen course and sales funnel, earning 5K in revenues.


    • Week 1: Complete scripts. [5 of 5 completed]
    • Week 2: Complete video shoot and email funnels. [8 of 8 completed]
    • Week 3: Complete website. Launch FB ads.
    • Week 4: Launch free training and respond to queries.


    • Review all scripts.
    • Try on wardrobe.
    • Prep assets and artifacts for videographer.
    • Confirm videographer, MUA and venue for shoot tomorrow.
    • Added comments to blog post template.
    • Styled blog post template.
    • Started resources page.


    • Video shoot!
    • Find better image for course re supply.
    • Style comments.
    • Write outline for next blog post.
    • Fix coaching image on Firefox.
    • Finish resource page.


    @louisswiss for sharing his online course wisdom!

  3. 1

    Danger World Multiplayer Experience - https://danger.world - https://danger.world/blog/multiplayer


    • Finished an initial round of Facebook advertising
    • Better gender-neutral pronouns
    • Added first permanent magical item to the game. Look for it!


    • Notifications! You need to know when it's your turn.
    • Pulling the multiplayer experience into a more prominent location
    • Start advertising on Reddit

    We're up to 159 user accounts. If you haven't tried the game out yet, you could be #160!

  4. 1


    1. 2019
      • $6400 EOY - Nov & Dec excluded
    2. Aug
      • 1st Pilot Customer
      • $1600 in Revenue
    3. Objective
      • Double down on the sales problem to understand the customers better it.
      • Then make/test a quick MVP solution.


    • Define tasks for the week.
    • Revise Aug-Sept OKRs & KPIs
    • Confirm meetings for the week.
    • Define mission, values for Q3.


    • Set sales quota.
    • Edit KPIs and list activities for sales playbook.
    • Daily outreach (warm/cold calls/emails).
    • PT job

    WEEK 1:

    1. Set my Aug KPIs. Pick my primary & secondary metrics.
    2. Define a practical non-tech MVP solution to test w/ prospect.
    3. Do lead generation to prepare for week 2.

    WEEK 2

    1. Do cold calls and emails.
    2. Revised landing page copy.
    3. Ship: updated website.
    4. Lead generation.
    5. Nurture folks in my pipeline.

    WEEK 3:

    1. Follow up w/ folks in my pipeline.
    2. Daily outreach (warm/cold calls/emails).
    3. Review & Documentation (customer problems & progress w/ customers).
    4. Revised & center my value proposition and message on the problem.
    5. Get feedback on MVP potential value.
    6. Iterate my pitch, emails, and call scripts.
    7. Assess & document customer behavior, data, and feedback.

    WEEK 4:

    1. Iterate my MVP & website from feedback & objections.
    2. Daily outreach (warm/cold calls/emails).
    3. Ship again.
    4. Revised sell sheet.

    WEEK 5:

    WIP: Envoy

    @Janice welcome to #daily-stand-up You and Harlem should get along nicely lol
    .p.s I was like who's Janice? I feel like I've been catfish

    @jimmylipham on talking to customers... we need more of this in our #daily-stand-up

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    Add full npm support and launch repobox.io

    Fixed some bugs in the npm package repository backend. Reached out to a potential customer and had a good discussion.

    Reaching out to the early access customers to get some information about how many of them want to distribute npm libraries versus fully baked npm based projects, and planning out how they would deploy on repobox.

    Other WIPs
    Standing up the API for people who only want to use repobox as a backend service

    Shout outs
    @mijustin for surpassing 15M downloads across the Transistor platform. BEAST MODE 🔥
    @louisswiss for showing up every. fricken. day. and teaching others how to hustle 💪

    1. 1


      @Janice is a much better source of inspiration on those counts though :)

    2. 1

      THANKS! ❤️

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    Launch all of the premium features I have planned for the start


    • Launched the first premium feature of my app
    • Went from $2 MRR to $22 MRR

    Some of the fans of the app were asking how they can get the Elite subscription early so I messaged a few people and asked if they were interested in subscribing now even though not all of the premium features were ready and almost everyone said yes. I'm thinking about asking some more of the early adopters as well.


    • Do the PHP stuff I was supposed to do yesterday (Doing this first so I don't get distracted by my product)
    • Write the mobile side of the feature I released on desktop yesterday
    • Start the list backdrop feature for desktop


    1. 2

      Thanks! Congrats on the 1100% growth ;)

    2. 1

      Updates for today:

      • Finished 10 PHP lessons
  7. 1

    50 subs for my personal blog (2/50)

    Catching up on life


    • Ship the blog post on IPFS gateway benchmarking I teed up
    • Market research on feedback tools

    @Janice for getting after the video shoot today!