Deals November 28, 2019

Let's share the interesting black Friday & Cyber monday tech offers

Mehdi Sakout @medyo


Happy thanksgiving to all IH community,

I made this post so we can share some interesting tech deals that you may spot browing the internet, eg: domain names, vps, hosting, coupons...

I found a great OVH deal: private servers, VPS and cloud, up to 40% off at

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    I mean I doubled my prices so that's pretty interesting 😀


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    I'm offering 30% off the first year of yearly plans for Checkbot for Chrome 😄

    It's a Chrome extension that tests 100s of pages at a time for web best practices to help you improve the SEO, speed and security of your site. It has a 4.9/5 average review score. There's a free version too so give it a try on your own side project site.

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    my fave black friday deal: for 50% off, use BF2019FTW. more on which I made this week.

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    if in case anyone interested in WPX hosting black Friday, this is the opportunity for them to get advantage of this deal which is easily redeemable.

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    Thank you for the black friday deals. More deals are coming for the Black Friday 2020 so just wanted to share with you a few deals that will benefit all of you

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    Thank you for the exclusive hosting deals. There are many good hosting services mentioned but I'd like to present my gratitude and share this exclusive Cloudways Deal that you would find useful . There are many other deals as well.

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    This is what I am offering,70% discount on NVMe Web Hosting & 25% discount on Reseller Hosting for Agencies.

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