Let's split my SaaS profit!

3 years ago, I built a $199/month software for Escape Rooms businesses and I’m trying to free some time.

I’m looking for someone to do the sales & marketing. For every customer on board, we split profit, 50/50.

🎁 The product

  • A fun mini-games on Facebook Messenger (try it https://m.me/EscapeRoomIndy)
  • $199/month subscription
  • $2,300 CTV (Customer Lifetime Value)
  • 11% churn rate

🎯 The market

  • 3300 Escape Rooms businesses worldwide

🛠 You get access to

  • ALL market leads (first name, phone, email, etc…)
  • A growing Facebook group
  • A Facebook audience (all website traffic for the past 3 years)
  • The software, the website (obviously…)

This isn’t

  • A job offer. It’s a partnership - we’re in the same boat
  • A get-rich-quick scheme. This is an opportunity to achieve financial freedom by selling a software product people love using. But you’ll have to hustle first.

🤝 About you

  • You’re a talented marketed
  • You’re hungry
  • You’re kind

👉 If you want to be your own boss, work from anywhere and this sounds like a good plan, tell me more about you here https://forms.gle/AV13eLVnmSWiUuny6 and drop a comment below so I can reach out.

I built a B2B SaaS, You sell it, We split profits

  1. 1

    Hi Marc, I built marketingoperator.com, where we connect hands-on marketing experts with founders. Maybe you can use this (it's free) and find a marketing expert? Let me know if I can help! Jonas

    1. 1

      Seems like a perfect fit!

      I was just wondering if it's ok to post a partnership?

      There is no job offer really, it's more like a friend/partnership

      1. 1

        Yes that’s absolutely fine!

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