Product Development August 13, 2020

Let's Work On Your User Onboarding 🚀

Andrei Gaspar @andreigaspar

Hey IH how's it going?

It's been a while since I posted here!

I've been hammering away on boardme, and I'm really happy with the progress so far.

I'm looking for 2-3 products to work with to measure and improve their user onboarding! Ideally complex, feature-packed products.

This is free, I'm not planning on charging you anything. Let me know if this sounds like something you'd be interested in!

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    HI Andrei, when you say free, do you mean forever or only for a trial period? I have decided on another product but haven't started yet, and am definitely interested in yours. I'd like to have onboarding for vendors on my marketplace, because the process is many web pages long with many fields.

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      Hi, yes I mean free forever. I am looking to build case studies where I can significantly improve the numbers in terms of user onboarding. I will then use those numbers in my sales materials.

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        Okay if my site fits your requirements, I'm definitely interested.

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          Let's schedule a short discussion to better understand your use case if you're up for it. My email is andrei at

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    I love the animations on your website. How did you create them?

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      Hey thanks, I used Greensock :)

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    This looks like a promising startup. Can you please look at my website blockonomics

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      Looks interesting, would you be available for a call so I can better understand your use case?

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    Hey Andrei. So nice! Looks promising.
    This is just a time when we need it for our

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      Thanks Alex, if you'll need help with anything hit me up on Slack.

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    We've had some issues with initial commitment of users since our product is quiet complex. Looks very interesting, signed up for an account.

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      Hi Vincent. I feel like your product checks all the boxes for what I'm looking for. If you'd be interested in working with me drop me an email to andrei at

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    I was literally looking for a tool like this to be added in my product, Designtack.

    I would love to work with your product.

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      Looks interesting! Drop me an email to andrei at

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    This is exactly what our team is focused on right now. User Acquisition hasn't been a problem for us, but retention is a challenge. As our product is somewhat complex and behavioral health is one of the toughest problems to solve.

    Improving our onboarding and getting users to the AHA moment asap is our priority. Check us out!

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      Hi @iamdonle We at Flowdash are building a mobile-first digital adoption platform. Request access at & we'll let you know when we're ready with native iOS :).

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        What's the timeline for native iOS? :)

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          Around two months as of now. Sooner, when more people with a need in iOS signup for access. :)

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      Hey, I checked out your product :) I like the idea and I think it has the right complexity, but boardme doesn't support native Android yet, unfortunately.

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      Sounds interesting! I'll do some user testing and get back to you :)

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    Yep, I am interested! Will request access via your site.

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    Hi Andrei,

    take a look at whether you find it interesting. We have spend over 1.5 years developing our product, according to our needs and needs of our testing users. Currently, we have aquired almost 1000 registered users, with about 5% using it frequently. We are looking for ways to onboard more people and to improve our marketing.

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      Hi Pavel. Sounds very interesting, I'll check it out.

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    Hey Andrei, thanks for the offer! Sounds like this is for web products only?

    I'm working on a Mac app that could otherwise be a good fit (Keysmith) and would love support with onboarding, if that's in your wheelhouse.

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      Hey Daniel. It works with desktop and mobile products that use HTML based interfaces e.g. Visual Studio Code, Slack, Sketch, Figma, etc.

      What technology are you building with?

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        Gotcha, thanks for the info. We're using native code (Swift and SwiftUI) so sounds like it wouldn't be a match.

        Looks like you've got some other leads now :). Good luck!

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          Ah, I see. Thank you and best of luck on Keysmith :)

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