Levels CEO gets a haircut every week

Jokes aside, Levels CEO Sam Corcos made the headlines on Twitter today by sharing his sophisticated time management strategy - which involved sharing his calendar and you can notice that along with ‘email processing’ (which apparently is becoming a thing in The Valley) the most frequent appointment was a haircut on Sundays. 😅

I struggle to define if this type of precision on time management is almost a luxury that venture backed business can afford.

As a indie hacker, what time management strategy should you use? Focused and planned or fluid and taking advantage of opportunities as you evolve?


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    This is Silicon Valley Peacocking. It's not realistic for anyone to follow a cast iron schedule for extended periods of time. And even if it is possible - why would you want to? We are becoming entrepreneurs and business owners to increase our autonomy and freedom - not be locked into an operational jail cell.

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      I have to agree that this is a very different game someone decides to play when we consider the most common reasons why you would want to pursue entrepreneurship.

      Although I see a lot of value on having structure and streamlining work efforts as a very efficient tool to bring results to a business, the level of focus on the process makes me wonder how much energy is directed to the actual outputs.

      Being a founder of high growth startups backed by Silicon Valley VCs is - unfortunately - another naming convention for a corporate job.

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        True. Structure and purpose is very important.

        Haha true: "VC backed employee"

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      It really depends on the content of the zoom calls you have scheduled for the week.

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    I've found that if there are a plenty of things which you need to do, you automatically manage your time better.

    If you're less busy, then you tend to be a slave to your whims.

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      Yes, good point. I also see value on having a structure for management of tasks. And also quite relevant to have the understanding of your estimation of how long you actually take to complete a task... Which could be very relevant to help on becoming more efficient.

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