Digital Nomads December 22, 2019

Life Design: Seeking full-time Indie Hackers!

Oliver Mitchell @olimitchell

I recently failed at doing a venture-backed start-up. All the things that are axiomatic in this community (build an audience then a product, be ruthless about the 'Mom test') are absolutely true!

I'm now figuring out what to do next. I've been following the framework in Designing Your Life of setting out three different paths for the next five years and then prototyping them by either speaking to people already on that path or trying out smaller aspects of it.

One of my paths I've drafted is titled 'Wandering Maker'. It involves working remotely, initially with freelance work and side projects with the aim of building a lifestyle business. Plenty of time for flow-heavy work (i.e. designing), lots of slow travel and very little structure!

To that end I'd love to speak to anyone who is already on this path. What are the best bits? What are the worst? What happened which you didn't expect along the way?

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