Landing Page Feedback April 4, 2019

LifeHQ - all-in-one achievement system

Darko Kolev @KolevDarko

Just finished the landing page for the official launch next week.
Would love to get your thoughts on it.
My concern is there could be too much text at the beginning.
What do you guys think?

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    From your website "Built for solopreneurs, freelancers and students that have the potential to go to the moon but end up dreaming about it.
    LifeHQ is the all-in-one system that helps you crush your goals by making you organized, productive and consistent.

    Join for Free and Start Crushing your Goals!!!"

    I have NO IDEA what your product does. :) Something about goals? All in one system for what?

    What is the specific pain point you are solving?

    Good luck!

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      Hmm I see your point.
      I thought that by saying: it makes you organized, productive and consistent it will be clear, but I need to say how it does that.
      And focus on the pain point as well.

      I will replace the first sentence with another that addresses the pain point of procrastination etc and in the second one explain the solution better.

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    My 2 cents, no particular order and not to be an asshole or anything:

    • Way too much text
    • I have no idea what this is - vague titles
    • Cartoon makes me think I'm dreaming of becoming a bank robber
    • "Win every day" I'm thinking I'll see a picture of Charlie Sheen next.
    • It looks like there is a neat product buried somewhere in that text and a few somewhat snobby headlines.

    Personally, I would try to speak to my ideal customer - what is their #1 problem? Address that and everything around the page should circle back to that problem and how your product is the solution. Maybe you are already doing this with your copy, I just don't want to read it.

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      Thanks for the honesty.

      That's a good metric to go by actually, reading the headlines and see if the product is explained well enough.

      My idea was to to lay out the #1 problem in the top section and then show how LifeHQ is the solution with the screenshots etc.

      But I need to be more concrete with the headlines and a bit less salesy

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    Wow, all these features and you are just launching?

    It is indeed too much info... I started reading but quickly skipped to scan the other sections and found them endless... it feels more like one of those course-selling pages where a lot of convincing gets in the way to the actual CTA (you know what I mean?)

    I would start by editing, editing, editing... get straight into the features, and make sure that everything tells the user why is that good for him/her.... might even be interesting to reduce the number of features at initial launch? Or maybe split into "main" features plus "extra features", which should be placed after a "show more" link, for example. I could see the Pomodoro being a subfeature of Projects, for example...

    Also, "Win every day" and "Daily Mission" seem to be the same thing but different.

    All in all, I admire the effort! but it left me confused.

    On a final note, you are entering an area with a lot of competition (hats off for doing it!), might be interesting to see why would LifeHQ be better than other tools, for example. People tend to invest in productivity systems which are kinda hard to let go/change. I am finally changing from Evernote to Notion as my "life organizer" and it is been A LOT of work... and I love productivity systems. But I could not get from a glance why would LifeHQ be an interesting try because it feels too complicated.

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      Thanks for the in-depth response.

      It is my first indie project so a bit procrastination, a bit insecurity kicks in here and there. But I'm finally launching, it's been in beta for 4 months now so it's not like no one's seen it.

      About the features. I was thinking of having a separate Features or product tour page.

      Regarding competition.
      Evernote and Notion for example, they provide you with a blank slate and you have to "create" your system. It is a lot of work and that's why people don't have systems in the first place.
      Or their system is spread across multiple apps.

      My angle is to have a system ready-made out of the box.
      People can login and get started right away, not spend hours setting it up.

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    -i think it is complicated a little bit, as you mentioned there is too much text.
    -the first picture (dreaming guy) seems very nice but i think it is not fitting your whole page design because of it's drawing style

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      Thanks for the reply.
      I am definitely moving the second portion of the text bellow the features.

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