LightSaber- A tool for artists to visualize their art framed in homes and offices (looking for feedback)


LightSaber is a tool for artists/painters/photographers to visualize their art in any setting that they want, with extreme photo-realism. I use RayTracing + AI enhancements to actually simulate the rays of light to get a realistic-looking image.

I built this because I used to make some digital art and wanted a way to show off how it would look framed on the walls to potential buyers, and all the options I tried out there simply cropped the image on the wall.

Reach out to me if you need an access code to try it out!
Also any advice regarding how do I reach out to early users to give me feedback?

Any advice/critic appreciated! :)

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    I looked this tool and I think its a wonderful idea and very similar to Chapas electrónicas website you can see here.

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    This is very cool. Congratulations.

    You might get more feedback from users if you allow users to upload their image and see the results right there without having to log in. You could always charge money for additional features such as the ability to see the photo in their own home environment or the ability to see it from more angles. I think if you sent people the link and they could see the results within a few seconds, they would be more likely to share feedback with you.

    Great job.

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      Thank you so much! :)

      The trouble is the fact that renders take a while (upto 5 mins) to complete. This is because I am using a cheap GPU server to begin with. And if I don't sign on the user, then if the user goes away from the render screen then there is no way for them to come back to their render. So basically I need a sign-on so that users can see their incomplete and complete tasks.

      Feel free to suggest a solution to this problem, I am all ears :)

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        Three solutions come to mind -- all aimed at getting the user to see what the output will look like before requiring him to create an account.

        The first is to offer some sample paintings that the user can convert into an image on the wall. Give the user a few options for paintings and a few different wall option. Once the user makes the selection, you show the output, which is pre-rendered. This is probably the easiest but least interesting.

        The second option is to ask for the user's email address immediately after he has uploaded a photo. Then you can email the user a photo minutes later of the image that he uploaded. If the user wants more, he can click a link to create an account with a password.

        A third option, the best option, is to solve the 5-minute problem. You don't want to provide a sub-optimal user experience due to a technical limitation. Look at how https://smartmockups.com/mockups/tshirts or https://www.screenspace.io/ create a mocked up image almost instantly by stretching the one you provide. In the case of ScreenSpace, their lower fidelity render is available immediately in the browser, and the higher fidelity render is available for download a few minutes later.

        Good luck!

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          Wow I really like the email idea, I didn't think of it before. Thank you so much for the input.

          Also, the way my setup works its kind hard to generate even a low fidelity image instantaneously. Also my concern is that if I just use some basic logic like stretching the image, then users might mistake it for how the actual render would look like.

          But I really like the email idea, I think that should be easier to implement at this point.

          Thank you so much! :)

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