Meta August 28, 2020

Limit the number of posts in a short period of time

Victor Hurdugaci @victorhurdugaci

Any chance you could add a limit to how many posts one can open in a short period of time? I think everyone here wants to self promote now and then, and I think that's fine, but posting the exact same message on dozens of group, in a short period of time, is spam IMO.



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    A post a day could improve the quality. At least we would read some quality promotions instead of twitter links.

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      I think 1 per day is a bit extreme but something like being able to create only 6 posts per hour would be reasonable.

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        It was an exaggeration to point the quality. 10 minute a topic already sounds like a spam to me, what value can someone bring with it.

        From a different perspective, would you enjoy if I post my tweets here every 10 minutes? And imagine I'm doing it with 10 accounts. And currently it's limitless.

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    Specifically I think this relates to other comments around posting the same post in multiple groups, now that there is an infinite number it becomes more of a thing...
    But some of us look at the main feeds, and it's just duplication and spam.

    But any further spam efforts are appreciated
    (Also especially the black magic Indian services and such, people signing up, posting withing like <1 minute with link outside and big blobs of text random or written...
    I wonder if it was considered putting some kind of credit or ranking with privileges, be nice to force people to help out first with genuine feedback and get credit before trying to get stuff out..)

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    I'd also argue for some sort of system where you need to get "karma" first before being able to write multiple posts in quick succession. The thing is, when you promote your app or ask for feedback (Tag My Knowledge in my case, sry couldn't resist), you end up creating lots of posts quickly (esp with unlimited groups) and once you're done you go back to commenting on other people's stuff.

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      Sad part about it, I'm in one of those groups but I follow indie-hackers from news feed. I saw the spam and as you can see none of the links grayed out because I tend to ignore it or just report it. As others do I believe.


      And here's another awful example;


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