Landing Page Feedback November 12, 2019

Link your product and I will give you feedback on your landing page

Volkan Kaya @volkandkaya

Indie Hackers has helped me a lot!

I want to give back so if you have a landing page you want reviewed just post the link below.

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    Would appreciate your feedback on the home page and listing page 🙏

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    Hey Volkan,

    I would love to have your feedback. What do you think about this chrome extension designed for heavy YouTube users especially at workplace?


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    Thanks so much for helping us! Our mission is to help people discover podcasts about startups so feedback from founders specifically is extremely valuable

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    Would like to hear your feedback on

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        Thank you so much for the review. I tweeted about this here ->

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          Sweet thanks! I saw that ;)

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    Would really appreciate your feedback!

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        Thank you so much for the review!

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          You got it!

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    Hi Volkan,

    Would love to hear your feedback on:

    Thanks in Advance 🙏

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        Thanks, much appreciated! 🙏

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          You got it!

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    It would be great to have your insights with my landing page.

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    Another one.

    I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback.

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        Heart pounding excitement over here.

        Thanks for including JF in your stream. I'm currently working on the landing page to include more detail.

        Thanks for the feedback.

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          Totally you got it! :)

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    That would be awesome! thanks so much for doing this -

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      • Add CTA to navbar

      Pricing seems weird, I would look to add value to each tier so you can keep it the same or even increase it.

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    I'd appreciate your thoughts on the layout and content 🙏🏻Does this look interesting to you? What is missing?

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      I would split it up a little. Some sections seem cramped like having Who Is This For? and author in the same section seems weird.

      Pricing is something you can work on, multiple tiers normally increase revenue so maybe a cheap package, mid tier and then package for multiple users?

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    Thanks very much. Pls give some advice. And do you think my site is useful or not?

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      Directories are always good :)

      I would niche down a little the site seems very random at the moment.

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      Not sure what the product does, may be add a section explaining it.

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    Never going to turn down this offer! :)

    (No worries if you don't get this far down the list!)

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      Luckily new posts go straight to the top :) I also want to comment on all.

      • I wouldn't have pricing just after a header
      • I like that you understand that customers aren't always ready for the software, but having that also near the top isn't good. I would have that right at the bottom.
      • I would show more images of the actually app
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        Amazing, thank you Volkan! 🙏

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          I have 100 to do so I tried to keep it short and sweet :)

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            Super appreciative – you're a huge part of what makes this community so great.

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      Big fan of productized services.

      Landing page is very clean, well done!

      • Remove the why us and how it works from navbar, they will scroll down the page anyways don't want to break the flow
      • I would add a subheader explaining what you do.
      • Get some testimonials in there and spread out
      • Bottom CTA how it works not sure I would have that
      • I would center the bottom CTA

      Would love to ask some questions about the landing page

      • Who made it? :)
      • Can you give me a rough estimate on how much it costed and what they did?
      • Did you look at any website builders or Wordpress?
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        Thanks man appreciate it - used webflow with the Ollie template which is like $79. Took me a few hours I think.

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          Ah it didn't look like a webflow site.

          Thanks for answering the questions.

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    Thanks Volkan for creating this thread! Here's the link to my new product that will be launched soon:

    Appreciate any feedback that you can give 😊

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      Love the example.

      • Have the navbar be fixed so it follows them down the page
      • Make the CTA in navbar stand out
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        Thank you! 😊

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    Would love to hear what feedback you have on!

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      • remove blog and contact us from navbar
      • your CTA is login in the navbar change that :)
      • Not sure why it's called apply?
      • I'm not going to give you my email straight away you have to build some trust
      • Header is a bit off. Change to "Dynamic portfolio builder" then in the subheader explain how you do it
      • "We know recruiting is hard." don't understand this section. Do you mean getting hired?
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    Hey Volkan, here's our newest one

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      • I would like sign up to be your CTA and stand out
      • Seeing an example UI in the header would help
      • "months" seem like an over estimation we built a basic integration in a day with a few weeks we could have built something very good. Developers don't like exaggerations
      • SCA has pasted I would delete that CTA
      • Give the features a header people skim and they won't even read the text
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    Happy to get feedback, thnx!

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    Don't want to add to your burden, but here's mine 😅:

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      • Navbar is crowded, remove support and blog at least
      • Why is login a CTA?
      • I would make the register button stand out and change the text to "Start Now"
      • Some of the text is hard to read with the color palette
      • I would examine the header subheader I wasn't sure what you did until I read the whole page
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    Hey @volkandkaya! Would love your feedback for our page.

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      • My eyes are drawn everywhere
      • Visitors are use to scrolling down to get more information
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    Cool initiative, thanks! Would appreciate any feedback for

  20. 2 - feedback is much appreciated!

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      • I would clean up the design.
      • Don't have everything full width
      • The daily/weekly thing is a little confusing maybe have it smaller?
      • I like the testimonials
      • I would have another CTA at the bottom
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    Thanks for doing this. Would love to hear your thoughts on CryptoTrader.Tax

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      • People rarely click on landing pages, I would just separate the 3 step part and remove the JS library to increase page speed
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    Hi Volkan,
    I feel like I see you everywhere (in a good kind of way). :)

    My landing page is here:
    I know the design is kind of outdated and I should add social proof.
    What I am mostly concerned with at this point is, if the landing page actually explains the service.

    Thanks for doing this!

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      I think you would benefit more by focusing on the benefit, "Find someone who solves X" rather than focusing on the action of finding a partner IE "Find a partner"

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        Thanks for the feedback, Emil. So what you're saying is I should focus on the benefits of the specific partner?

        Like this?

        • Find a guest blogging partner to improve your SEO
        • Find a referral partner to gain customers
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          Something like that, but make it less dull :) Look at others and see how they focus on value gained by their service

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    would love feedback, thanks!

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      No bueno.

      No one cares about the company name, its about what you can do for them.

      No one will read the long text below.

      You have some great images, if you use them better should help a lot.

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      Really not a fan of notion landing pages.

      Just use carrd or webflow.

      Not sure what the site is for.

      Is it to get gigs? newsletter?

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        speed is an issue which i can solve with a hosting solution. what are the problems beyond that?

        goal is gigs

        perhaps if these were notion-only gigs, it would make a to of sense to have it there.

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    I'm launching version one this week. WIll be very grateful for your quick feedback on how to improve it and grow.

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      Website seems to be in a non-English language (ad-block message)

      Search was difficult to see.

      What makes you different, lean into that for growth.

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    Hi Volkan. Not sure if you're still doing this but if you are, I'd love some feedback!

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      Interesting idea I have had it before :)

      • Navbar is HUGE, also remove home
      • In the hero section you repeat "grow faster with partnerships"
      • "We help companies expand their reach and improve their marketing ROI by simplifying brand collaborations." should be a sub header? not a section
      • Design might need a little boost
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        Thanks Volkan! Appreciate your time.

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    Thank you Volkan. My bad for delayed response. Returning here after quite a while.

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      No problem, I hope all is well.

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        Yes, all is well :-)

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    I know I am bit late but would really appreciate if you can take a look at it and share your feedback, Volkan.

    Amazing gesture, thanks again!

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      • First thing I read is the company name, big waste of time.
      • Header has a lot of fluff. Might change to just "Proposal software for sales teams" or maybe you make it easy or are powerful. Whatever niche you're going after.
      • Not a fan of the 3 buttons
      • Put the testimonial higher up
      • Where is pricing?
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    Would love to hear from you about the feedback and most importantly its potential to convert.
    Thanks Volkan

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      • The page is very busy, it needs a huge redesign and you will see conversions improve massively
  29. 1 - we just relaunched it so curious to hear some thoughts on it :)

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    • Desktop app for Internet users to own, manage and protect their online data.

    Thanks a lot! 🙏

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    What a great idea :-) If you've time, I see the list is pretty big! Then we'd love any and all feedback at My email address is on my profile etc.

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    Hi 👋, build your micro landing page in a few clicks —

    Use the HIHACKERS promo code to activate a Premium subscription for a month 👽

  33. 1 I would love to get feedback

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    Super generous of you! If you have time for one more, I would very much appreciate a review of

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    Would love your feedback.

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    Sweet. And my first ever comment!

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    Would love your feedback on our new app landing page:

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    updating it soon so I'd love some feedback before officially doing it!

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    Any feedback would be appreciated:

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    It’s a work in progress but your feedback would be much appreciated:

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    Thanks Volkan!

  42. 1 thank you for the feedback.

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    Hi Volkan, mines Any feedback welcome thanks :)

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    Hi Volkan,

    Here's ours:
    I see you're located at UK, our target is US-only but I'm curious if our value proposition still makes sense there too....


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    Hey Volkan! Thanks for the offering.

  46. 1 - Save 70%+ on your AWS EKS bill

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    Cool idea, I'm in :)

  48. 1 - Super simple and clean chatbot creation tool for your business

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    Hey @volkandkaya this is my landing page Just to let you know it is in Spanish. Thanks for the feedback.

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    Much appreciated in advance,

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    Hey Volkan, would like to hear your thoughts on:

    If you had to say in one sentence what the service is about, what would it be?

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    Here it is!

    I want to help people find patterns in their life to help them make positive changes. That's what Brooklet is for. It's an iPhone and Android app that allows you to track data over time, detect patterns, and build habits.

    I'd love for some feedback on the app onboarding instead/too if you're up for it.

  53. 1 (and specifically for the sales use case).

    Thanks a lot! Let me know if there's anything you need feedback on.

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    I would like to hear your feedback:


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    Hey Volkan. Lovely offer. Respect what you do. Be brutal.

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    Awesome sauce @volkandkaya!
    Timewise - Instant calendar analytics for busy managers

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    I'm always working on improving my site.

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    Would appreciate any advice or feedback on

  59. 1

    We recently just launched MiDrive Transfer. would love to hear your thoughts

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    Hey Volkan,

    we have several products. I'll give it a try on one

    What would you improve? Thank you in advance for your time.

  61. 1 ¿What do you think? thanks in advance!

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    Hi Volkan,
    would appreciate your feedback, what do you think about the design and do you understand a product? Thanks a lot :)

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    This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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      • remove most of the items from navbar
      • get testimonials
      • remove subscribe form
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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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      • Everything is to big design wise :)
      • Not sure why you show github
      • How come you didn't just go with a standard SaaS design? Such as
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    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.