June 8, 2019

Link your startup/landing page + biggest challenge today

Abdo Riani @abdoriani

Early stage startup founders, it never hurts to get the perspective of an outsider. If you’re interested/need some insights about solving a challenge you are currently facing, link your site and share your challenge, I’ll reach out to you over email with a plan/ideas. Make sure you have your email address on your IH profile.

Or email me directly at [email protected]. The more information you share the better.

Quick bio: Currently founder of StartupCIrcle.co where passionate founders get personalized guidance from successful entrepreneurs towards their short and long-term startup goals. Before Startup Circle, I was involved in the launch of numerous bootstrapped startup ventures through a startup development studio I started in college. I write all about validating ideas and taking products to market by doing things that don't scale in Forbes and Entrepreneur. Lastly, I have a PhD in business with a concentration in early-stage startups and funding

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    Not 100% ready for prime time yet, but here goes - https://delaynote.com

    My biggest challenge right now is marketing apps I build. With this one,​ I am trying a new approach as posted here: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/e03dbc07e0

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    Hey Abdo.


    I host weekly calls with other founders to discuss our work, get feedback, and hold each other accountable.

    I just had my first call on Saturday. I thought it went pretty well, but unfortunately only one person showed up. Do you have any ideas on how I should approach user acquisition?


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      Hi @aidaman got it and replied. Feel free to get back with follow up questions/comments.

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      Hi, @aidaman, I registered and I would like to be able to participate

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        Awesome. See you on Saturday.

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    I guess one thing I’m struggling with is how to have an online presence. I want to start building a community and some content around Soundcircle, but I spend all my time programming new features. I can’t imagine right now how I’ll also have time to create quality instagram posts, or even a simple twitter feed.

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      Hi Erik, could you explain a bit more how you indend this project to work? What happens after we create a 'circle'?

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        I guess I've been keeping things pretty close to the chest, but there's no reason to do that now.

        A circle lets people seamlessly play and share music together in the same space. So if you were having me as a guest in your home and we are listening music, I can just pull out my phone to play you the new song I found. It will play through your speaker system, without having to switch our devices or disconnect anything at all.

        There's a lot more planned, but for now that's the gist of it. I'll start working more towards presenting this information clearly after I release the beta in July.

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          Interesting... so if I'm​ understanding correctly, the guest user pings a certain song from a streaming service to the host and then that triggers the song to a smart speaker?

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            Precisely, and any kind of speaker will work.

            I'm shooting to have a beta test release around July 4th, I can make sure you have an invite if you're interested!

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              Nice one! Yeah sure go for it - happy to try it out 👍

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      Hi @erikgriffin, I replied with some ideas. Feel free to get back to me with follow up questions if you have any.

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    You can get honest feedback for your website/features from $1 to $100 (feedback from 40 fresh eyes).

    I launched very quickly with a very ugly website and got my first customers. Now I have to do a lot of feedback videos, coordinate the reviewers and at some point I'll have to make the website nice :)

    Also the attention dropped off sharply after a successful social media listing.

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      @WishRider3000, I just emailed you with some steps you can take.

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    Hey Abdo,


    I am focusing on B2B sales trying to have 50 conversations with SME owners around their security practices.

    I am finding it a bit difficult finding leads, where should I go to compile a list?


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      @andreimc, just replied. Let me know if you have any further challenges.

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    Thanks, Abdo!


    Currently not sure weather to target B2B or b2c. I'm leaning more to b2b as I see companies as more willing to invest in time saving tools than, say, individuals.

    I'm just not sure how to a) validate my idea with companies and b) how to get my foot in the door.

    The landing page currently is targeting b2c, but I'd like to target B2B by changing what I offer to a fully serviced "gifting" tool for employers.

    So I'd offer baby gifts for employees that just had a child, holiday gifts, automated birthday gifts, bonuses etc.

    Curious about your thoughts.


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      Nice clean landing page mate!

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        Thanks Scott!

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      Hi @doublejay, I sent you my comments and suggestions. Get back to me if you have follow up questions.