LinkedIn January 18, 2021

LinkedIn works!


Couple of days ago I asked my followers a simple question: if I am going to teach you how to code and become 10x more productive as a data scientist, will you be interested.

I have about 3000 connections on LinkedIn, the post was viewed by 10,000 times.

And today I launched a presale page of my course, within half-a-day, I sold over $1000.

My conclusion: LinkedIn works if you are targeting professionals or people who are looking for a job.

My original post:

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    Linkedin is an absolute beast platform right now.
    One of the posts i did for Brutask went over 20,000 too! It's like facebook, only 8 years back.

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    Thanks @LEONWEI

    It would be good to know what you've been doing on LinkedIn in terms of posts/stories.

    What gave you the creds to be able to do a post like " if I am going to teach you how to code and become 10x more productive as a data scientist, will you be interested."

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      Thanks Jay, that is a great question!

      I think on LinkedIn, your credibility comes from your professional profile.

      And that's the advantage of LinkedIn compared to Twitter or other social networks.

      People can easily see your past experience, companies you worked at, schools you went to, even patents, presentations, your connections, etc.

      Hope it makes sense.

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        Yeah agree.

        But really interesting to see if you get that engagement without regular posting.

        Do you post regularly?

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          Not at all, probably posted 5 times in the last 12 month, and 3 of them last week. 😅
          Posting more regularly is definitely a good idea.

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            Definitely a credible profile then!

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    I agree. I'm a business school prof and twitter never worked for me. Linkedin, on the other hand, works GREAT. I'm more comfortable in a business setting.

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      Any chance you could elaborate on this? My strongest networks are also on LinkedIn. I see that many IHers tend to favor Twitter though. I'm contemplating whether it's worth the time to start growing an audience also on Twitter.

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        I'm a business school prof. Our PR have been asking me to be active on "social media" which I thought meant Twitter and Facebook. I never found a satisfying way to engage with people on Twitter. I had no clue Linkedin could be so active. I reactivated my account in December, and I'm now at 2.3K followers. I use it as a blog, where I post negotiation tips and so on. I don't think I'll ever make it on Twitter.

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          What's your account? Let's connect and learn how you post and comments

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            Sure! My id on Linkedin is the same as here.

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    My startup is very much geared towards professionals so thanks for sharing this.

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      Hi @Cleolaclyde
      Thanks for your interest, let me dm you the page address (still have a few early bird price spots left)

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    Good work! LinkedIn is an excellent platform to reach professionals and SMEs. Keep us posted on your progress!

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      Thank you sir, will definitely share more stats here. 😃

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    Nice job on the pre-sales! Make sure to follow that up with scarcity (limited time offers as you get closer to your release). Appreciate you showing your post so we have a good idea of your formatting. Added you to my Linkedin network!

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      Great idea to create scarcity, and thanks for connecting on LinkedIn. 😃

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    Great! Thanks for sharing .

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      Thanks! 😃 Will share more stats as I go along with the course.

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    Very interesting approach. I think LinkedIn is a very underrated platform to do this type of things, and especially if you're targeting professionals who can afford a more expensive product.

    Thanks for sharing!

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      Thanks! Will share more when I learn more. 😀

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