Creator Economy January 16, 2021

List of 150+ companies offering tools for the creator economy

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry
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    This is great.

    Not just because it helps us find tools as creators, but also because it offers an intuitive perspective for grokking the creator economy itself. ("Creator economy" is one of those loose terms that most of us get the gist of, yet struggle to really wrap our minds around.)

    Graphic: Mapping the creator economy

    Swimming through the preamble at the top of the post, here's the bottom line (lightly edited by me):

    I’ve curated a list of 150+ companies that are focused on one thing: Arming the Creators! You'll find below:

    1) my map of these companies
    2) the list of companies I didn't include and why,
    3) Airtable with additional data

    I'm especially fond of the first section — what the author calls the "map" of the companies — because it's organized into an easy-to-understand chronological lifecycle for creators:

    Graphic: creator lifecycle

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    Wondering why do you have two forms on the page, Mailchimp and Substack?

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      It's not my post, I just shared it.

      I assume it's because substack is free and some people use it for just that, free distribution (and potentially SEO and finadability value)

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        Yeaeh, I figured it out later that is not your post :D

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    Thanks for the share. I purchased it!

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