Newsletter Crew June 30, 2020

List of 50+ newsletter tools

Marcel Kooi @marz0

Hi everyone!

I compiled a list of 50+ newsletter tools to help newsletter creators find tools to help them run and grow their newsletter.

Included a few tools created by other Indie Hackers like HypeLetter by @AndrewKamphey, Thanks for Subscribing by @frankmeeuwsen, Newsletterest by @ctt, and InboxReads by @kjcharles.

Let me know if you want me to add or modify any, or feel free to open a PR to the repo. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks a lot for sharing the list! You might wanna add Sendy and Mautic to this list on Marketing (and open source)

    I'm definitely taking a look at ListMonk. The guy who built it has a strong technical background and credibility.

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      Nice find! Added Sendy and Mautic under the Open Source section.

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    That's an awesome list!

    Since newsletters are sent over email, I'd suggest adding some tools that help deliverability.

    My favorite so far is Glockapps because of the level of detail it can go for all inboxes and other tips on how to improve inboxing.

    There's also GMass that I only recently discovered. The upside is it's free. The downside is it's for Gmail only and doesn't have any feedback to improve your emails.

    Does anyone have other recommendations?

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      GMass is fab! It's one of those tools I keep coming back to, project after project, company after company.

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      Thanks! Added those under the Deliverability section 👍

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    Great list Marcel! A couple of suggestions:

    • (quickly compose and send curated email newsletters, our project and proudly posting about it here
    • Really Good Emails (email templates)
    • Email Love (Email inspiration, resources and discovery)
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      Thanks! Do you mind pushing up a PR for those?

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        Yes, was going to today sometime! :)

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    Thanks for sharing. Amazing list!

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      No problem!

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    Nice work!

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      Thank you!

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    I don't understand why ListMonk isn't more widely known. It's an amazing and free OSS tool!

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      Interesting! Never heard of it but looks useful. Added it.

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    Nice list @marz0. Thanks for sharing.

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      No problem!

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    Great stuff Marcel. How did you decide to put this up on Github?

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      There's a lot of "awesome" lists on GitHub such as awesome-rails and I didn't see one for newsletter tools so I figured I'd make one

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      where would you have put it?

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        I would have put it onto my personal website probably. It's cool to see Github being used as a landing spot in and of itself, rather than just a code repo.

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    Thanks for including SparkLoop!

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      Sure thing!

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    Thanks for including Newsletterest!

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      You got it!

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    Nice list! And thanks for including InboxReads. I'll share the list in this week's newsletter.

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      No problem and thanks for the share!