September 23, 2019

Listen to the endless stream of the best latest tech product videos.

Oleg Galkin @OlegGalkin

ProductVideos.Tech is going to contain only videos with voice-overs. It allows you to listen to the video stream in the background while working on your indie-product or whatever.

Would you be interested in doing that?

  1. 1

    ūüė¨Sounds really distracting, actually.

    1. 1

      Doesn't it sound as distracting as listening to podcasts ;-)

      1. 1

        I guess, but I wouldn't do that while trying to work. I only listen to podcasts while exercising or travelling. While working, I'm often listening to music, something chilled if I'm trying to read/understand/solve something hard, or something energetic if I'm just pumping out work.

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