April 20, 2019

Live on Startup Circle this Monday

Hey guys, this upcoming Startup Circle live session will be of great value to you if you are:

Starting or growing an agency.
Funding your bootstrapped startup by selling services.

Jacob Cass, an outstanding designer and freelancer who worked with companies like Netflix and Nintendo, is going to join us live this Monday at 1 PM US Central time. He will help you:

With your client acquisition strategy.
Grow an agency or freelancing business by selling complementary and supplementary products and services.
Optimize pricing for your services.
At more basic levels, define a service and acquire the first customers.
And more.

If you want to join his session, join Startup Circle at StartupCircle.co if you haven’t yet and then reply to the welcome email with “Jacob's session-Indie Hackers". I’ll send you the invite shortly after.