April 23, 2019

Live on Startup Circle tomorrow

Hey guys, tomorrow, Kevin McArdle, co-founder of the investment fund SureSwift Capital, is going to join us like at 11 am US Central time. His fund is focused on SaaS startups. Especially if you are building a SaaS, this session will be of great value to you. More specifically, he will help you:

Focus on the right metrics and how, especially if you are looking to raise funds.
Evaluate your plan and your next big milestone whether it is traction, first customers, product/market fit or scale.
Connect with potential investors and key partners.
He will also share his feedback about your product and answer any other questions you may have.

His session is tomorrow at 11 am US Central time.

If you want to join his session, join Startup Circle at StartupCircle.co if you haven’t yet and then reply to the welcome email with “Kevin's session-Indie Hackers". I’ll send you the invite shortly after.