Ideas and Validation February 27, 2020

Live pair programming and mentoring service? Worth it?

Mahmoud Shehta Mousa @Shehata

Hi guys!

1- Virtual mentoring in hard. You have to share screen, have a call and have your own setup.
2- Remote live code reviews are not the best experience. Think I want someone to be standing next to and show me what they think line by line...

A platform like scrimba live editor but in real time. Not recorded. With webcam feature too.
Two users (or more) can login, see the mentor talk/code at the same time. Can interrupt him to ask question, become the driver and edit the same code at the same time and see the result. While both can see the same code and same result.

Commercial solutions:
1- Marketplace: Think Udemy but for live mentoring per hour on the platform where we get to keep a cut.
2- Service for remote live code reviews sold per user per month.

What do you guys think?
Is it a real problem worth solving?

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    Well, as a code mentor, I can say it's not a problem at all. I mean, yes, it's still not perfect but it's okay - the mentorship's quality is most important than a couple of tweaks during the session of pair programming.

    As for online editors, jsfiddler, afaik, may be used for it.

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    For sure a real problem - goes closest to what you've described

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      They use zoom and it works pretty well.