May 26, 2019

Live testing our E-commerce website - any advice on how to improve?

Howard Kim @howardwkim

We make jewelry that holds your best memories through our mobile app.
Been working on this full time for nearly a year.

Just opened up our E-commerce site and doing some live testing to make sure everything works. Would love to get feedback on our product and the website.

Thank you!

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    This looks great, Howard! I think the product and website are both done really well.

    My only feedback is that it wasn't immediately clear how the jewelry had memories or a digital soul.

    Based on just the "above the fold" homepage, I actually assumed you engraved text onto jewelry. I only realized something else was going on after reading down the homepage a bit, and I only truly understood it after reading the FAQ.

    My humble advice would be to use the initial headline and tagline to more literally spell out why the product is different. Or maybe overlay labels or graphics onto that main jewelry photo. (Like a label that points to the part you scan that says something about what it does.)

    I think you can make this business work for sure, so it'd be a shame if people leave the site before they even realize what the actual product does!

    I'd be happy to elaborate if you have questions! Good luck!

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      That's super helpful! We were so focused on tailoring the website to people coming from our FB video ads (where we demo the scanning) that we lost sight of creating a clear 'above the fold' message.

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    I also have a budding e-commerce site I am working on, though earlier on. Did you use or create any security checklists? What did you use for auth ?

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      We are relying on Shopify to manage that for us.

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    Looks great!

    As a buyer, I don't like surprises in shipping... I want to know it as early as possible. i.e. I want to be able to enter a quick zip code and get an estimate for my shipping cost. I don't need/want to enter my full personal details/address before I see that shipping cost. -- but that's just me.

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      Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely look into upgrading my Shopify account to see whether I can make this kind of change to the checkout page.

      Are you based out of US/Canada? Did you see that we are providing free shipping within the US/Canada?

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        I have to admit, I didn't see that Free Shipping message banner on top. I've grown accustom to ignoring colored headers on top.

        But then I realize, once you click Checkout, that Free Shipping banner disappears. Instead, the message I'm seeing is "Shipping Calculated at next step ". Could be misconstrued as bait & switch.

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          Thank you again, this is super helpful!

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    It looks good, however, you should decrease the size of the images on the frontpage and also change support icon to the right i.m.o. And perhaps make the deal announcement bar closeable as it together with the navbar takes up a lot of space.

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      Ah, that looks much better on the right side, thanks for the tip.

      Are you viewing the site through a mobile device?

      I will look into making the announcement bar collapsable.

      As for decreasing the size of images on the frontpage, could I ask why? thanks!