Product Development July 1, 2020

🥳🎉 Logobly v1.1 Has Just Launched! Create Even Better Logos ⚡️

Craig Barber @CraigBarber

G'day Indiehackers!

Over the past month, I’ve been working on a bunch of updates to my logo maker Logobly

Updates based on your feedback.

Logobly v1.1 now has a better user experience, more fonts, more icons and a better checkout.

Let’s dive into the updates!

alt text

⚡️New homepage widget

alt text

You can now enter your startup’s name from the Logobly home page.

It’s a neat little feature that makes it quicker and easier to use the logo maker.

It skips the first step of the app landing you straight into the icon types.

⚡️Choose your icon type

alt text

Instead of categories, you can now select icons based on three types.

Letter icons, abstract icons and random icons.

This allows you to create better logos.

For example, if your startup’s called Whirlzy, you can select a ‘W’ icon.

If you select abstract, you will get some really cool abstract icons.

And if you select random, you’ll get a bunch of really cool random icons.

I will be adding more icons on a weekly basis so keep checking back to see what you find.

Best of all you can now select 3 icon types so you should always find something you like.

⚡️Letter type icons

alt text

⚡️Abstract and random icons

alt text

⚡️More fonts added

alt text

I now can add more logo fonts quickly and easily.

This is possible via a new Logobly Admin system.

This means I’ll be adding more and more amazing fonts for your logo designs.

I handpick all of the fonts.

Most of them are expensive, premium fonts.

No crappy fonts are used in Logobly.

⚡️Better checkout

alt text

I had some user feedback on the checkout experience.

They said it was too soon to ask for credit card details.

So I’ve staggered the checkout experience.

You now hit the buy button which takes you to a slick new Stripe Checkout.

⚡️Apple Pay

alt text
Yes sir! Logobly now takes Apple Pay.

Use Apple pay to quickly and easily check out on your device after creating your logo.

⚡️Bug fixes

alt text

Last but not least we fixed some bugs people reported, like not being able to enter your brand color into the color picker.

⚡️Over to you

I hope you guys enjoy the new and improved Logobly.

I look forward to seeing all of the amazing new logo designs you guys create.

Take the new Logobly for a spin here:

  1. 1

    Great onboarding workflow!

    I would probably use it if I could make adjsutments after paying & download. Like changing the font.

    Craig, a hint:
    The install pop-up mentiones "logobly-angular-frontend" for the home screen, you may want to adjust this to a non technical name

    1. 1

      Hey there, okay I'll keep this in mind for next update - thanks for pointing this out : )

  2. 1

    Hi @CraigBarber,

    Congratulations on these great updates. Lots of features here.

    One suggestion with the goal of being helpful: If you're looking to boost attention on these new features, consider highlighting the benefits instead of the features. For example:

    "New homepage widget": It's not clear to me why this is important from the headline. Consider the headline: "Create logos even faster."

    Similarly, it's not obvious to me why: "New Icon types" is important. Instead, consider: "Create unique logos based on the first letter of your company name." or "Browse more logo options."

    If this was helpful, then check out my website, SplashPad ( SplashPad helps you promote your product more effectively by suggesting marketing language that attracts attention and sells. Good luck!

    1. 1

      Hey there, yes you're right! I had my product designer hat on whilst writing the copy - I've been so busy with updates I should have crafted the copy more : )

      1. 1

        Glad that it was helpful. Good luck @CraigBarber

  3. 1

    Wow, this is great. As a person who loves to design pointless logos, I enjoy the esthetic, the process and the end result very much :)

    Have the icons all been custom designed?