Long overdue! We've crossed $10,000 MRR today! 🚀


People are paying us over 10,000 Dollars per month! What an incredible milestone.

ConveyThis has been around for 3 years, but already got a decent audience. We help fellow entrepreneurs and shop owners to convert their websites into multiple languages, increase their sales and save money along the way. The formula seems to work well!

The MRR growth is slower than anticipated (we anticipated to become the next Google, lol), but we are happy with 5-8% increase month over month. Once we reach the $100,000 a month, we could consider ourselves happy bums!

Any questions?

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    Congrats! That's an awesome milestone.
    I remember that myself. Thinking the day would never come, and then boom!

    It's only going to go upwards from here on :)

    1. 1

      It's been long overdue! But, yes, hoping it will continue to go up from there ;)

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    That's funny, saw you 2 minutes ago on Reddit and now here. Congrats on going viral on /r/Entrepreneur :)

    You had a pretty interesting answer on writing "alternative-to" type of content. Have you guys also tried writing "vs" content, an article like "X vs Y competiotor"?

    1. 1

      It's a thin ice to compare competitors and you should check with local laws as you might accidentally provide deceiving untrue information and get into trouble for defamation.
      But, the idea is powerful. Such content flies high.

  3. 2

    Well done!! Just keep going!!

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