Beta Testing January 29, 2020

Looking for 10 or so indiehackers to send this product 100% free as a beta test

Kyle Samera @ksamera

I specifically didn’t want to include a product description to see if my landing page explains the product well.

Anyway, I’m looking for 10 people to test this service and I’ll give 100% off coupon codes to complete checkout without CC details. All I ask is for feedback.

The landing page is here:

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    An idea for down the road--an animation / slow frame transformation of the card turning into a plant! I think that would be a fantastic way to tell us what the product is about immediately. This is such a cool product 🌻

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    I liked the idea, very different. I liked the card designs as well.

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    Get some more anniversary ones, mines coming up and I'm planning to use this.

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    That's a really cool idea! I definitely see that being popular with your business offering. I like your site a lot too, but I'd make the CTA button bigger to draw more attention to it.

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    I would love to participate and share feedback.

    Do you ship different type of seeds depending on the season?

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    Brilliant idea !! The webpage looks amazing !! Very impressed. Simple and sophisticated. Would love to hear the story behind this . All the best !!

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      Thank you for the encouragement--it helps a lot at this early stage

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    That's a great idea, Kyle. I like the product and the landing page! Keep up the good work

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      Thank you for the kind words!

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    Kyle - this is awesome and something my wife would love. I'd be sure to share some feedback!

    As far as the landing page I would really prioritize the how it grows section and move it more towards the top. Then with the header section, I think design-wise it just needs a little tweaking with spacing and making sure the button doesn't get lost. Shoot me an email and I would be happy to provide a mockup of how I would tweak it.

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      Thank you. I'll email you asap, just getting around to this feedback

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        This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

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    Ca à l'air d'être une bonne idée, je suis ok :)

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    That's a neat idea I like it. Like the name, like the website.

    Are you printing them yourself on seed paper and posting? Or is that somehow automated with a printing service?

    My main criticism is that your site presents the designs with a plain white background but (I'm assuming anyway) the designs will be printed directly onto seed paper so you will see the seeds through the design; I think it would be better to show the preview with the seed paper included so that people know better what they are actually buying.

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      Yes, I definitely need to revamp the mockups to better account for the seeds like the two mockup cards on the homepage (about 3/4th way down). Right now they are just the plain white designs

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      I think the name and site are great overall, but I'm also a little confused about the seed paper. Is the card (with the message typed on it) the actual seed paper that gets planted? Your FAQ mentions you can only plant the part with seeds while keeping the card; does that mean you have to tear off a piece of the card?

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        Yes the entire card is plantable, but seeds are spread throughout so you'll only need to tear off a piece with a seed in it to plant

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        Also, the section of the page with the following seems unnecessary as plain text. I would remove this or make them links to each type of card:

        Valentine's Day Cards
        Show your love to someone special.
        Thank You Cards
        Say thank you to someone you're grateful for.
        Birthday Cards
        Celebrate a birthday with someone special.

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          I went back and forth between these, I might just remove and make the header linked to the collections, thanks for the tip

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    Kyle, count me in

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      Perfect! I'll message

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    Love it already! Will gladly give feedback on the whole flow. :)

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      Thank you I'll message!

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    I'd love to try it out!

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      Awesome, I'll hit you up

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    I get the landing page, personally wouldn't be interested.
    Be nice if the page had a picture of an actual product with the seed part..
    Why do I need to seperate the seed part? Why not a degradable paper as well?.. in terms of its more than 3 steps..

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      No worries! It is biodegradable paper. It grows into an actual plant because seeds are embedded in the paper. Not sure about what you mean for the 3 steps?

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        "4. Pick the seeds embedded in the card."
        If the entire card is biodegradable, just plant the card?
        Also here the user and the sender aren't the same people, so maybe this is unneeded, it should be just described for the receiver on the card, the sender in a way "shouldn't care"

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          Well, the pick the seeds part is so they can choose whether they want basil, carrots, wildflowers, etc. so it is relevant to the sender.

          I think the planting part is just useful to explain the product to the website visitors because plantable paper isn't super common.

          Thank you for your feedback though!

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            oh, I thought like pick the seeds out of the card, ops.

            Due maybe it's too much details, or you can put a default seed that matches the card and allow it to be changed, but not force, so there is one less decision/step...

            Just saying up to 3 steps it's considered simple, anything more starts working against you IMHO.

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    Interested! Would be a lovely gift for my gf 😍 she is obsessed with plants of all kinds.

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      Awesome! I'll hit you up

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