Looking to Partner Up May 5, 2020

Looking for 2 cofounders for Crypto Price Tracking Website


Hey I have a website I'm just starting to build that is a crypto price tracker but I want to incorporate other pieces, such as news, merch, and affiliate advertising. I'm still in the process of building the site draft but I think the name is amazing and I have a pretty good grasp on a vision and how to drive traffic once its up and running. I'm looking for a :

  • Full Stack Web Developer

  • Expert Content Writer (crypto)

My website is https://bitdaemon.io/

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    Hey! May I ask how are you going to compete with coinmarketcap? Given that they are the leaders in this space

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      I'm not really worried about competing as much for now as I am about building a brand, getting traffic, building out an email list.

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        That was the core of my question. Why would anyone go to your website instead of them? Why would anyone subscribe to your email list instead of them?

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          I admittedly don't have a differentiation, but through audit and research of not only coinmarketcap, but the host of competitors in the space I will determine what could be added or changed to carve out a niche. Concurrently there will be content writing and further development of the product and website.