Looking to Partner Up November 26, 2019

Looking for a Co-Founder and CTO for SAAS startup in the financial services industry

Phil Flakes @PFLAKEO

Someone located in Southern CA would be a plus. My last startup in the same space resulted in a business with strong cash flows 2 months after the launch of the product and a 7 figure exit 5years later.

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    I'm right outside of San Diego, let's chat.

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      Thanks @calebDaRobot. What is the best way to reach you? Please feel free to email me direct at [email protected] and we can set up a call.

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        Sent you an email, let me know if you didn't get it

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    Phil - can you outline any more info about the startup?

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    Open to a remote CTO ?
    Let me know :)

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    Hello Phil,

    I am a ML engineer in the Bay area. I am currently building a real-time API for financial data as a side project. Happy to learn more information about the product you want to build, and if maybe we can collaborate.

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      I would like to connect with you. We have ML code for the finance industry.

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    What's the idea? How is it going to make money? Any relevant info would help here.

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      Thanks. Subscription revenue. Target audience of roughly 250K people. Looking to build, grow and exit within 2 years. I can expand over a phone call or email. Please email me direct, [email protected]

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    I can help you. If you're interested message me on https://twitter.com/harish1999me.

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      Thanks. I will catch you twitter.

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