May 10, 2019

Looking for a co-founder in Chicago


I'm a seed-focused venture investor based in Chicago. I'm concurrently building an MVP for a healthcare project.

😷 Problem: There are big gaps in the care continuum for brain diseases. Caregiver's stress is high, dementia patients have little understanding of what's happening, social services workers are overutilized and underpaid.

🏥 Product: Building a caregiver tracking tool for patients with cognitive degenerative diseases, to automate and ease workload of clinicians/social workers.

💪 Skills: I'm well versed in digital marketing, sales, strategy, and fundraising. My technical skills are limited to SQL and Python, so looking for help developing a robust solution.

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    So you need a tech-co founder or a sales/marketing/growth founder?

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      Yup, looking for a technical co-founder. Would you be interested, or know anyone interested? I've built a pretty simple mvp thus far.

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    Could you go more into how and what that product will track so I can understand it better? I've often thought about that same problem.

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    As you are experienced in digital marketing, by any change, would you be interested in joining my startup? I have a fully functional product and launching the next iteration next month. The site is operational for more than 6 years now...

    If you still interested in pursue your project, we can also come to an arrangement where I'll be helping you with product development and you with marketing...

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      Sure, I'd be open to learning more. Want to move to dm?

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        Sure. Pl dm or email me.