Looking to Partner Up March 11, 2020

looking for a creative web developer co-founder to join me

Koketso @AlmostIndieHacker24

Hi! im looking for an experienced or new web developer, whose creative, open minded to join me to create a social ecommerce platform. There is a huge market gap for this project and it would be great if we worked together to take this big idea to the main stream!

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    Hi I’m Leon,

    I have a lot of experience with cross platform mobile frameworks and backend languages and technologies as well as things like Artificial Intelligence incase that ever comes useful further down the line. I’d love to talk further about your project.

    I’m based in London and have experience working with international teams remotely if you aren’t near me!

    Feel free to hit me up on LinkedIn or at leonfedden at gmail dot com


    GitHub (pretty active):


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    Hi! My name is Yevhen, I'm from Ukraine. I'm interested in your offer. I'm experienced developer and I want to get more information about your project. Please, contact me by [email protected] or Telegram @NeoCortex_T. Thanks.

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    Hey, interested in hearing more about the idea, pop me a message on LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/georgelovegrove/

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