Looking to Partner Up October 14, 2019

Looking for a CTO/Co-founder for a parent-tech startup (Bay Area)

Purva @pg24

Over the past 2 years or so I've been working on a startup in the parent technology space, called Inceptive. We are currently a 501(c)(3) nonprofit but in the process of converting to a for-profit venture and believe now is a good time to look for a cofounder.

I'm looking for someone technical who is passionate about helping parents and children, and willing and able to seamlessly jump into the cofounder role of a company where product decisions have necessarily already been made (many are still open for discussion). Ideally they would be a full-stack developer. Someone who is a mom or dad would be great but not necessary.

A bit about Inceptive (https://www.inceptive.org/):
We are focused on helping working parents through expert-led webinars, essentially building Udemy for parents. We have a large network of specialists in every area of child development, parental health and organizational behaviour. We recently formed a partnership with Salesforce and negotiating with a couple of other companies.

If anyone is interested in chatting or knows someone who would be a good fit, please DM/comment below. Thank you!

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    Hi Purva - Inceptive sounds like a great product! I wanted to let you know that my team just released The Pond, a new matching app for entrepreneurs to find cofounders, which would be a great platform for you to find a full-stack developer. If you're interested, you can download it here: https://get.thepond.app/ih . Feel free to reach out with any questions & comments as well!

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    Purva. Would love to chat a bit more about Inceptive. Let me know a good time to connect.

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      Could you share your email?