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Looking for a database of SaaS companies

I am doing some market research and need data on SaaS companies that I can analyze. In particular, I need data on the number of marketing employees in the company, in addition to the usual suspects for data (company size, year founded, total # of employees, etc.)

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've paid for https://getlatka.com/ but the download does not allow for more than 25 at a time, and it doesn't include the field for # marketing employees.

This is not for cold outreach or lead generation. No need for emails and phone numbers and such. I would like the company data to perform my own analysis on SaaS companies that have a "marketing team of one" compared to the rest of SaaS companies.

Any suggestions?

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    A start could be linkedin. Look for saas companies, and then check their employees and who are in marketing. Could be done manually for tens of companies in a few hours.

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