looking for a drip sequence software

We're about to launch our product and looking out for Drip sequence email for our signup customers. Can anyone recommend any best/ beginning free / pay on the go plan software or SaaS product that can integrate with Amazon SES ( optional )


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    I found this post with a few different options:
    EmailOctopus promises automation (though the page doesn't specify exactly what kind), works with Amazon SES, and is free for the first 1000 subscribers, so that sounds like it could be a good fit. I'm a marketing ops person who works with Salesforce Pardot, and my advice is to look for a platform that supports some sort of automation and segmentation.

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      thank you for the suggestions

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    I use ActiveCampaign to send drip emails.

    Either that or Drip?

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    I was using sendwithus a year ago, it was free during that time. You have to connect with your own email provider though.

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      Thank you for the solution. Do they support drip sequencing of emails ? looks like they are supporting only templating + transaction email

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