No-Code January 7, 2020

Looking for a few nocode enthusiasts .

DShan @dshan

Over holiday I built a nocode side project that's in 'final touches' stage - it's centered around nocode news and industry highlights. I could use some help, in two ways:

  1. Comment here on your favorite places to find nocode news. I want to note this project aims to focus on 'newsworthy' as opposed to feature/product discussions, new tool announcements or tutorials, etc. The space feels very saturated with the latter, I'm looking for more of the former.

  2. I'm interested in recruiting a few people to help with the project, because it will require curating content. If you feel like you've got your finger on the pulse of #nocode and have some spare time to pitch in to a very early stage project, ping me!


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    Twitter #nocode or just searching “no code”

    It would be really nice to get updates on new no code tools launching (feels like there’s one every other day) and a bit more analysis/insight. I agree, it’s a bit saturated with “look at what you can do with no code”

    Let’s mature the market for folks who already have a grasp on no code

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      Yeah, seems twitter search is one of the only spots for a waterhose-ish feed, and at that there isn't a ton of 'news'. May be too early.

      I hear you on the noise/signal, and I think at this point the 'new tools' space is also pretty filled with noise in that folks with a strong grasp of no code (in a lot of cases people who've been semi-technical to begin with, ie the underlying structure of webflow is super straightforward for them) are probably more in need of the major platforms building out better features than they are in need of what the very-early new entrants can provide. At the moment my gut says that places like Product Hunt (and maybe IH) do an okay job of sorting the fluff in new tools - something topping PH is probably worth a quick look but the rest can be ignored.

      Keen to hear more thoughts on 'mature the market' though, bc I really agree it's a good time for useful contributions there.

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        I think maturing the market means taking no-code and crossing it with concepts like design. Or product management. If there were resources speaking to how to apply those fields to no-code then we'll start providing a bit more value to the folks that already know about no-code, can learn tools quickly, but want to take things to the next level.

        What do you think?

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          Sorry for delay here - my son was born this past weekend so bit of a wormhole!

          I agree! Oddly, been thinking a lot about no-code marketing, which is maybe 50% of how I eval new tools and use them. I tend to be a very hands-on marketer, so building microsites, wiring up automation, various lightweight apps, mvp-ish launches for side project marketing or collabs. Examples - building (and its bot) with no code tools... building an Instagram handle linktree with no code tools instead of paying the ridiculous ongoing subscriptions for linktree and its brethren... interesting content curation flows/apps for a brand. Better tools are making this stuff more interesting as a marketer - I'm (at the moment) pretty focused on ecommerce brands and the opportunities to iterate on marketing-related ideas/projects without needing a developer resource is pretty huge.

          We may be talking at this from two directions - I think you may mean that the no-code natives might materially benefit from resources on how to execute on areas that aren't their core wheelhouse, like PM or design - and totally agree there.

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            Congrats on the baby!!! Hope all is well.

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    You should talk to @KennyHanson and @bentossell
    I made
    also made and would be interested in seeing more great newsletters created.

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