Podcasters January 31, 2021

Looking for a good name for my podcast


Hey Everybody!

I'm launching a podcast focused on startups in emerging markets.
I already have a few really impressive founders as well as VCs lined up who have confirmed that they will like to come on as guests, but I've actually not completely decided the name of the show.

I was originally thinking to just keep it simple and go with something like Emerging Market VC, or Emerging Market Startups, but I don't really like the name. I would love a name that tells the audience exactly what the podcast is about, but also have a creative angle.

Any ideas?

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    I was listening to a podcast and the host said he researched high volume keywords to get some free SEO-juice. I can not remember the exact name, but I think his podcast was called ‘The best podcast’ or something like that. So my approach would be search for high volume keywords in your niche and name it based on that.

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      thanks. good advice.

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    Caution: "name space pollution"! Search existing podcasts to make sure there will be NO confusion about the name of your show. Remember that there are millions of active and dead shows, so whatever "common" phrase you come up with will likely be taken. The more unique, the better. Also makes it much easier to get the domain, if needed.

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      so should possible lean towards something more unique rather than descriptive.

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        Sure. Just do some searching in your podcatcher and Google to be sure you don't get lost in a sea of common names.

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          I think I'll call it Tailwind Startups: Interviews with Founders and VCs in Emerging Markets.

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    A few names I (quickly) researched for availability and would use myself:

    Rising Markets
    The Catalyst
    Market Prospects
    Novel Markets/Ventures
    Fate of the Market
    Push to Market
    New Industries
    Fresh Startup

    Mix, match, laugh. Good luck!

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      Hey, so this helped me a lot!
      I started brainstorming taking some of those words as a starting point and ended up with: Tailwind Startups: Interviews with Founders and VCs in Emerging Markets.

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        I like it! Interesting and catchy with great branding opportunities.

        When are you launching?

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          I'm planning to record at least 4-5 episodes before launching to ensure that I can publish one episode per week and have a buffer in case I can't record one week or another. I'm thinking that maybe I'll launch mid-March. Probably going to learn in public and share the process.

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      thanks for the ideas.

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