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Looking for a Marketing /Growth Partner for a Food Brand

We are launching a range of food products which are completely baked and low in oil.

Following are few of the products

  1. Bajra Chips.
  2. Jowar Chips.
  3. Nachni / Ragi Chips.
  4. Corn Chips.

The goal is to provide a range of snacks and other food items that are healthy, made with no artificial preservatives or colours, and 100% natural ingredients. We also look forward to use alternatives of the readily available ingredients like Maida (refined wheat flour) which are not very beneficial to the body.

At present we are launching this only in India, however, we are open to any potential collaborations if required.

I am looking for someone to help me with the marketing aspects primarily through online channels.

This will be a collaboration and the profits would be split as agreed upon mutually.

Feel free to connect via email at [email protected] if you are intersted.

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    Hi, I ran ecommerce store before for food brand as well. Let me know more details,


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