Looking to Partner Up January 25, 2020

Looking for a product designer as a co-founder


I'm a software engineer and Have built multiple products

  1. https://appadvice.com/app/blink-ridesharing-for-women/1291755578
  2. learnpal.io

Let me know if you are keen to build products together!


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    Hey @naufal, I'm a designer and interested in building products together. Do you have some ideas in mind? What kind of skills are you looking for?

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      Hey man, are you a designer + UI/UX and can you code HTML and css ?

      Thanks man for reaching out!

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    Hi naufal where are you from?

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      I have few maybe great ideas that i would like to build together

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    Hi, iam interested :)

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      Hey Basem thanks for reaching out. I saw your portfolio

      really great design mate.

      Lets have a quick chat to see whether we have the same mindset or not

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    Uhm. Just a quick question, why would people try to learn different apps? Is it for the algorithms and methods of making such an app?
    I am thinking about also creating such app but I dont see why it would be beneficial other than to learn the methods of making it

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      Different app has a different way of achieving things. The goal is to be something like Udemy but I can't compete directly against them at the moment, need to think of a different way first.

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    Yeah sure, I would love to work on learnpal.io. Although I have nothing against Blink.

    I am good with UI/UX design (Photoshop, Canva, Adobe XD), Marketing (social media, SEO), Kodular.io and web hosting. Let's get in touch for a short meeting. I'd love to work, of course, for free.

    Hit me up to schedule a chat at [email protected].

    Anyways, Good Luck with your Projects!

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      Hey man thanks for the reply, do you have dribbble account? maybe I can see some of your work. Thanks mate

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        I have built quiet a few projects but haven't published them on dribble as I am currently not looking for jobs and just want to work on projects that really interest me. But we could get on a quick call and we could share our ideas and I could give my suggestions regarding learnpal.io as best as I can. At the least, we could just learn a thing or two from eachother. What do you think?

        Anyways thanks & good luck with learnpal.io & blink, I think you could increase you conversions by either adding a 7 day free trial or making the first few videos of your courses available for free if you're confident about the value you're providing through your courses.

        Good Luck Naufal.

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          Hey man yeah we should have a quick chat.

          Do you have discord ?

          Thanks man for the advice, really appreciate it


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            You're welcome bud.
            Yeah sure, let's have a quick chat. My discord username is Sid#0515.

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