Looking to Partner Up January 14, 2020

Looking for a product or side project to join



I am a software developer with 12 years of experience. My journey started with participiting in developing simulation software for defense contractor firms by using C++ (Qt,Boost) and Java. Then joined an ERP project based on .Net environment (C#, MSSQL). Finally, my last job was cloud based IOT solution with a tech stack Node.js,Postgresql ,MongoDB,RabbitMQ,React and Redis.

Also i have an interest in image processing and machine learning. Generally worked on these concepts in my master degree.

I left my current job last week and will be free for a few months. So, now, available for both joining an exciting product or may be working on a side project with you for sharpening my software skills. If it is possible that project we built can be monetized then i can continue working on it, i am ok with remote development by the way. My last job was also remote.
If you want to talk or want to discuss your ideas please contact me.

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    where are you located, how good is your verbal English?

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      currently at İstanbul, Turkey but i will move to USA soon for a year. My english both written and verbally is pretty good.

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    Oso, let's talk on skype: adeoluwa.adejumo

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    hey oso, check out my product www.lacrosselabs.io - let me know what you think or if you're interested in chatting

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    You have a pretty unique background from most people on here. I've had the idea for a while now to create an asset swapping design "engine."

    Lots of marketing campaigns rely on variable placements of text/images/colors etc. Specific use for this would be to launch state by state campaigns for NFL Season, dropping in the local team's logo, changing the color to that team's color and adjusting a part of the text. At the moment (with some small exceptions) don't allow you to automate work like this. It could be an interesting project.

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      By saying an asset swapping design engine, i imagined some SVGs flying around with modified features. But i think it is a very niche concept for an design application.

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    I have one project which has been shelved for a while, since I lacked one key resource so instead pushed forward with other projects.

    Right now those other projects are launch ready and I have the key resource needed to monetise.

    Important to efficient scaling on this is image processing and machine learning...
    I was planning to learn these but no practical experience in these areas (yet), so if you are confident you could take the lead on that section and interested in developing a real life solution it could be time to kick this project off.

    High level summary, would involve scanning hours of video frame by frame, so huge numbers of images, trying to identify a common object in them.
    If ML can even work out which of the 100 frames containing the same object is of best quality, even better.
    If it can parse text/numbers from the same items brilliant.

    If that sounds of interest get in touch, equity or revenue share potentially available.

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      if you are talking for a specific type of object than an object recognition technique should be applied for video frames and then may be object tracking may be applied. seems interesting, can you give more details. You know many simple tasks in ML may require extensive research :)

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        Sent you an email with info.

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    Thanks for posting! Will shoot you an email

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    Need to add email or twitter to your profile :)

    Good luck with the hunt

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      Thank you, i updated my profile :)

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