Looking for a project? Mobile app with live MVP seeks new technical founder/co-founder

Hi! I'm a non-technical founder with a mobile app that is built and live in the App stores (both iOS and Android, though the Android version currently has a bug that needs to be fixed). It's called Simili (see simili.co for details) - it helps groups of people decide where to eat and when to meet. Basically... I outsourced development and have run out of money. I would love to find a partner who is interested in taking this and running with it -- I'm happy to stay involved, or to strike a deal if you want more ownership -- because I believe that the product could go somewhere and there were lots of revenue-generating plans in the pipeline, but I can't afford to invest any more in development to get it past this stage.

It's built with React Native and Rails, connects to the Yelp API to return restaurant results, and features a pretty cool algorithm to take into account the tastes and preferences of everyone in the group so that it can make recommendations based on those preferences before facilitating a vote.

Please take a look and reach out to me if you're interested! [email protected] :)

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    Wow that is so interesting, I am recently working on this project to help vendors fix their reviews on yelp. Is ur algorithm similar to yelp? or it's a totally different thing?

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      Hi! Nope, it's completely separate - it's about helping groups of people decide where to go to eat. You tell Simili what everyone likes to eat, Simili provides some options from Yelp, and then everyone votes. I've paused work on this project, but let me know if you're interested - would love to open it up to others to work on, if there's interest!

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    You might want to add your request to this thread - https://www.indiehackers.com/post/e7662f3679

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