Looking for a second developer to build an API for traders & marketers

I have already started with building out the backend. The project is simple and can definitely be completed by myself in a reasonable amount of time. However, I would much rather find another developer to work on the project together with.

My main motivation being to find someone like-minded that I can work well together with on future projects.

If this sounds interesting to you, or you would just like to know more about the API I am building, just send me a message.

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    Hi, I am interessted. I have some experience in that field and working on something similar on my end. I am mainly a C# dev.
    I would be interesseted to see what kind of data you would like to sell and where. Also where you do you get the data from ?

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    I currently work full time as a back end node js dev but would be interested in collaborating in my off hours

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      Can you send me an email?

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    Hi, I'm developing a scraping platform in Django ( that I prefers to Flask ) with a friend. Are you still looking for partners?

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      Can you send me an email? Let's setup a call

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    I'd be interested in hearing more for sure!

    what parts of the project in particular are you in need of the extra dev to assist with?

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      Bulk of the work is scraping content from different sources (think news, social media, messaging apps). Bringing in another dev would significantly speed this up.

      Having another dev should also improve the quality of the MVP. Personally, I would be less likely to take certain shortcuts.

      Finally, just having another person to brainstorm with is always nice.

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    What technologies are you using? Do you have a plan to monetize it or is it more of a learning project?

    Just curious as I am already involved in developing an API (ASP.NET Core) and may open source.


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      I am currently using Python (Flask) for the API. I am also using Python for the web scraping bits of the project. Each scraper is containerized using Docker. For the database I use Elasticsearch.

      The plan is to 100% monetize it. The current leader in the space is charging between 400 - 800 / month. I think their product could be refocused and done for a lot cheaper.

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