Looking for a team to build social media platform the right way.

Hello! I've been thinking about this project for a long time, and recently I was motivated after watching The social dilemma movie on Netflix. I believe that social media platform should put people in the centre, not advertizers who make money at the expense of people. If you feel the same then maybe we can join the force. I'm not a big fan of social media and use it daily, but the main reason for that is because of how platforms control what users see on their screen and manipulate content. I'd like to build something oposite for that where content is predictable based on friends activity. If you're interested, drop me a message! At first, I'm planning to build the platform in my free time, not expecting any profit. Once MVP is ready I'm planning to run a project with a users test group and gather feedback. I'm looking for a designer who could help me create designs. In the second phase, I would focus on building a small dev team which can move the project forward.

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    I've been thinking about this for last few days and I think it's not just the problem of building next platform which guards users privacy, but it's much deeper problem including addiction nad moral matters. Thanks to @gzebe I found out about MeWe, which I didn't hear about before. But I've got interesting reply from my friends when I've asked them if they would like to switch from Facebook:

    • Premium account to pay for emoticons, no thanks...
    • do we have friends there?

    For further information I can recommend reading through https://www.humanetech.com/

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      Hi Arthur, more than a different version of Facebook I would like to see a different approach. I was thinking like a content aggregator.
      My idea is to create a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter, where users can connect their blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, and all other social media accounts. The platform will then show posts from all platforms, like an RSS feed of all the content.

      I see myself checking every day many different apps like Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram... and an app or website where to get a feed of content from different platforms could be an interesting idea, as people look for content when they use different social media applications.
      You could then create some kind of token to reward content creators.
      For example you create 1 billion coins , and give away 10% of those coins, 100 millions, to the first creators based on likes. After that the plan could be to give away more but where you need 1000 likes to get 1 coin ... Coins could be representing equity in the company, not sure if legal, or they could use them to get services on the platform where you could buy emoticons or stickers.
      The messaging app Line makes millions of dollars selling creators’ stickers.
      There could be designers selling filters like those on Snapchat, and all could go through using some kind of token or coin.
      Just an idea.

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    thanks @gzebe I think that's what I was looking for :)

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    Just wanted to share https://tribe.so for those who are looking to building niche social networks.

    However, before heading to Tribe, I'd highly recommend reading this - https://medium.com/triberians/build-your-own-social-app-the-future-of-no-code-9fe7b8702492.

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    Hi Artur, thanks for our post. I have been thinking about something like this too. In part motivated by watching the Social Dilemma but also in seeing how personal data has been misappropriated by many organisations, especially ones with political motivations.

    One of my projects back in 2017/18 was a GDPR compliance project and this really put me in touch with the importance of us as individuals being protective of our personal data. I do use a fair amount of Facebook and Twitter and I totally get the value of Facebook (to both users and advertisers) but I started thinking, what if there was something better? Even it it was paid? I did a quick poll and interestingly my age group (40s) said they probably would not pay for a Facebook type service but my parent's age group (70s) said they would be willing to pay between $5 and $10 a month! Anyway, the sample was very small.

    I would be very keen to collaborate. I am not a coder but my focus is on strategy (business and data), customer experience and adoption, and delivery.

    Let me know if you would like to chat.

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    Hey Artur - Sounds like we're tackling similar problems, would love to chat more! I've spent the last years working at www.endeavor.org, a big non-profit supporting entrepreneurs. I'm working on Superfeed, where companies use their CRM to spin up a hyper-targeted community messaging app in the matter of seconds. My dream is that we make life more community-driven and less individualistic (like I think Facebook is).

    I have a prototype and a dozen or so interested potential customers. Here's a quick demo: https://www.loom.com/share/4e16dbbc07114b318d9ecf886f6e500c

    Hope to chat soon!

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